But that is not standard.

Bennefield: And I’ve only ever had positive experiences with hostgator’s service

Yanetta: I’m not great with the terminal. I use serverpilot.io to install wordpress sites on my digitalocean vps for my clients. seems to be a pretty good service so far

Maceda: Host gator was great till they were aquired, moved their servers to a EIG datacenter and had days of downtime and left support in the dark

Palka: Sterndata thank you fofr yoyur help

Bennefield: Personally I haven’t noticed degraded network or server perf. but I mainly use hg for cheap shares.

Xyong: You have made my day easier

Bennefield: I’m taking vultr for a testdrive to test their VPS service

Belville: Luckily havent had to deal with shared hosting lately, I stick with DO

Kielman: Bennefield have you tried DO?

Bennefield: I’d like to test ovh as well. but you have to jump through hoops in order to give them money

Schuman: Any opinions on serverpilot?

Bennefield: Haven’t tried it. I don’t know if it’s worth the money. just because I’ve got a bias against paying for a zillion monthly services

Beath: Yeah I know the feeling

Mcelhiney: Thats how I feel about office 365 and adobe creative cloud

Bennefield: Small fee for. noun project, a web-based saas prototyping tool, a hosting company or two.

Casavant: Looks like it might be more of a issue with my dedicated server then 1and1

Bennefield: I didn’t buy adobe premiere pro today, just because I don’t want to pay adobe’s extortionate monthly

Finey: I really miss student pricing on photoshop :

Feauto: Wamphyri: the issue is that your DNS isn’t replicating

Hoeflich: Sterndata, so its more of a issue at the registars end then?

Sautner: Could be. If i go directly to the name servers listed in WHOIS, nslookup or dig works. But not if I query any of the main public DNS servers like,, ยท

Overstreet: Hostonadime is me as well

Vanderheide: Wamphyri: oh, then you’ve *****ed it up! :-

Griffins: I gave up hosting my own DNS and just use Digital Ocean’s now. At one point, though, I used Amazon Route 53 for my DNS servers

Dudman: I was using cloudflare previously

Travieso: OH, yeah, I guess you have to use them if you use their service

Mulville: Yeah, they have a free lvl of there service as well

Woolever: Every time I’ve tried them, their “helpful” stuff breaks my sites.

Casseus: Free isnt always the best.

Cicconi: I tend to get false positivies with them

Honn: False positives of what?

Schnobrich: Saying the server was unresponsive or throwing errors it wasnt

Wickliffe: Would also slow down the load time using their nameservers to protect the site

Bakey: You can byp*** there services, but i have notice the slow down previously

Baldassara: Is poedit in WP standalone meaning: can i include a file that gives me the whole i18n framework?

Dulle: Voiter: what exactly are you wanting to do?

Dulle: Voiter: poedit is a desktop application, WP is a PHP CMS, so the question itself makes no sense :

Baute: Mpol, wordpress">http://poedit.net/wordpress

Dulle: That is still not an answer to the question what you want to do

Ausburn: Voiter: what do you mean by “the whole i18n framework”?

Tennis: Mpol, i ***ume that there is a module or plugin for WP that uses those PO files

Lindsay: Also i ***ume that you can edit translations in WP UI

Dulle: Yes, but all po are loadeed for their own text domain. You cannot load them all from one PO/MO file

Dulle: Voiter: there might be plugins that offer translating directly from WP

Dulle: But that is not standard use