But im not a designer, im.

Shelling: Blackett: also, when you use chrome’s apple iphone5 emulator, it also changes the mouse events to touch events, so you could debug that a little easier

Blackett: I will look into that.

Blackett: But guys, all in all, decent looking site?

Skovira: The first person i showed my site too says they dont like it

Schwing: What does CSS think? http://log.bio

Avita: He said that things move around too much, and the resize would be better as a fadein/fadeout

Blackett: I would suggest getting rid of the gradients, they are kind of oldschool

Aquil: Old school!? I just learned them 😛

Schuckert: What would you suggest?

Blackett: I would also suggest having a more stable container size so it is not constantly stretching and shrinking

Aderholdt: I have a div which is overflow: auto; height: 100%; there is also a position: fixed menu which lays over top by about 50px; the problem is the content of the scroller area needs to not be covered by the header. so i can do this in a few ways. margin-top:, position/top:50px, moving the content is easy

Sikarskie: The hard part is that the scroll bar STARTS where the parent is

Imbier: The scrollbar of the thing moving isnt moving along

Ballif: Exuma, In order to help, we need a URL to the live site or a testcase that demonstrates the problem. Please don’t make us log in or create accounts. See paste for paste sites

Shelling: John: Looks like you tried to use random css features for your site. just because :

Annarino: Shelling: I liturally dont know what im doing

Deakin: Well, some things were deliberate

Chopelas: Like i used border shadow and not an actual border because the 1px broke things

Shelling: It surely looks entertainy. albeit a little naive

Okajima: What should i do to make it better?

Shelling: John: is this some sort of game?

Bannett: Its a scientific database

Shelling: John: well, then it’s just right.

Akawanzie: So, I’m working on re-doing my page with just HTML 5, and trying to make it scale with size of the web browser. My current challenge is trying to get two images one to be on the left side and one one the right as well as text, to be in the top of the page text centered width wise. When I use Float, it breaks to outside of the div i’m using as the “header”

Zader: Where am I going wrong?

Cellini: Https://vimeo.com/137978823

Ahrenholtz: Header { overflow: auto; }

Ricciardi: Thats what it looks like to me

Bacolor: Shelling: shoud i get a professional CSS programmer to fix the site?

Reglin: Or would it be so much work for them to re-work it that they might aswell redesign the whole thing?

Eisenhauer: I think my budget would be around $200, which I know probably doesnt get me very much

Shelling: John: well, you’ve gotten very far already.

Shelling: John: look at something you like to emulate and see how they’ve done it

Laun: I like what i made though -_-

Territo: Just that no one else does, hahaha

Shelling: John: and try to design with “sense”. if it has no sense, your css is just a gimmick. ask yourself why you need that gradient. or why the buttons needs that shadow. if there is no sense behind it, it’s just a gimmick, like in a game. but good design should always have reasons

Fatula: Here is what I am currently testing out. http://pastebin.com/B7cN4Rvp

Renfer: I like the gradient. For me it makes the site unique.

Shrigley: But it also pushes Chrome’s cpu to 100%

Ensign: I cant figure out how to make both images go to left and right corner centered, then text in middle.

Albang: I like the layout. It looks ‘gl***y’ to me. Futuristic.

Ostorga: But im not a designer, im the guy in 28slashb that knowns nothing