But I can’t even find the.

Medak: What is the issue Starcraftmazter ?

Crisp: I was thinking last night in my deep sleep.

Crisp: Are there people moving WP-core outside the public folder?

Conlon: Starcraftmazter: The Discus plugin is just an intermediary to a 3rd party service, you’ll really need ot contact the plugin author/Discus about that I’m afraid

Haptonstall: So I have image galleries with several hundred images. I want the ‘thumbnails” to be at least 300×300 or 400×400, which means that the page is quite large. I got it to lazy load, but it still is taking forever when scrolling, because my service provider has an I/O bandwidth quota limitation that’s quite small. Other than getting a different service provider, any suggestions as to what I could do?

Crisp: Which could serve them faster?

Haptonstall: Dumez: that only works for the 2nd or subsequent users. This site is very low usage so the files are likely to expire from any CDN before the next user hits it

Hevner: Use Jetpack, they have ab uilt in CDN that the images get pushed to when youupload them

Pipes: Aspock: well as i described, all posts made since the migration, are not displaying a comment count

Neumayer: Wow, my spelling today is abysmal

Haptonstall: Winland: doesn’t it expire the images after a little while?

Vaid: I’ve never had any issues with using it at least

Pfleider: Starcraftmazter i read now *not 😛 contact Discus guys

Haptonstall: Aspock: s3 sounds interesting. is there any automated way to do that, or would I have to upload all the images and thumbnails to s3 and then manually edit the URLs?

Hohney: There are plugins for s

Horstman: There are plugins for s3

Haptonstall: Aspock: do you know a good one?

Crisp: When should I use soehting like s3?

Crisp: Wauw my spelling is also awesome today.

Haptonstall: S3 is super fast, so it could offload image and other static files

Crisp: S3 is used for external resources?

Crisp: Or also full websites?

Monterroza: Nesoi i haven’t used any

Pallone: External resources like images

Haptonstall: Dumez: s3 is like a could disk where you can access things via URLs

Rhed: Nesoi my friend uses https://rtcamp.com/products/rtamazon-s3/

Crisp: Yiha /me installed nginx

Akemon: Nesoi also look at https://github.com/humanmade/S3-Uploads

Haptonstall: I don’t think I can do a git clone on this lousy ISP account though

Rissanen: You can do wget right ?

Debruyn: Get zip url from github

Haptonstall: Not sure. I think I have fake-shell or whatever it is

Haptonstall: Not sure I can install wp-cli either

Haptonstall: But that commercial one you posted might work

Yoneoka: Yes it should but humanmade/S3-Uploads is giving full control

Shigeta: That’s why i recommended that

Causey: Error establishing a database connection

Musick: Which leads me to think that someone wanted to prove me a point

Ensing: Anyone can think of why when I make I get_post_meta it’s returning a nested array. The array I want is nested inside another array indexed at index 0

Riser: Emil_ check logging in mySQL

Jagneaux: Isymm single meta or all meta ?

Amann: Aspock: what command?

Suggitt: Check wp-config.php file get db credential from there

Nordby: Aspock: what is the default install location?

Fegueroa: And using the wordpress install from DO

Claybaugh: Emil_ wordpress/">http://www.wpbeginner.com/wp-tutorials/how-to-fix-the-error-establishing-a-database-connection-in-wordpress/

Gjelten: But I can’t even find the the bloody wp-config