Bu***and: ok, uploaded. I.

Horde: BOGO: code doesnt just change on its own

Filipovich: More magic unicorns and ponies

Hung: Honestly I did not change anything

Dippel: BOGO: someone did. because code does not change on its own

Naso: The last and only thing I worked on was what you see me link to

Nalepa: BOGO: who else has access to your server?

Wiechman: BOGO: then you did something. you changed something

Kube: BOGO: code does not change on its own

Howton: BOGO: doesnt matter that you dont know how you did. you did

Patnode: Well must have been a devine intervention

Damours: OK but I am going to deny it in court

Durst: Because I dont know what I must have done

Axford: BOGO: you will loose.

Decenzo: Because its impossible

Soucy: That devine forces were at work

Hendrics: Because I did not change anything with that code

Savaria: People are much more inclined to believe in magic bunnies and guys who rose from the dead, rather than facts . facts force us to be responsible, can’t have that!

Midgette: I only played with it yesterday morning but even then it was still crap

Eilerman: Ahhh so now you’re saying you DID make code changes.

Knoebel: Fact is. whatever code is there is code you put there if you’re the only one with access to the server

Ciucci: But everything is the same and Kahahane changed

Beans: Ok i’m going back to my project. I have to make some convoluted login system

Filipovich: I think I could make a song from that. “Nope, just you. But evertyhing is the same and Kahahane changed. You’re the only one.”

Perri: Sung by celiene dion?

Charpentier: Anyone ever see an image with a white background, uploaded to WordPress come out with a slightly off-white background?

Stelmach: I tried upping the image quality to 100%, but it still seems to be happening.

Balick: Codi: its possible depending on the color profile of how the image was saved

Klasen: It looks like an image compression problem

Vignovich: Codi: look at your color profile.

Lusty: Codi: not compression. color profiles

Wickenhauser: Codi: of the file you saved

Johanson: Table ‘./asylum_asylumrocks/wp_w9cavm6b7m_bp_activity_meta’ is marked as crashed and last automatic? repair failed

Filipovich: BOGO: do you have SSH access to the server?

Clenney: It looks like horizontal banding of #fefefe

Sarcia: Codi: you saved it as RBG 8 bit?

Filipovich: BOGO: OK. Shut down the web service then use the mysqlcheck command like to repair the file.

Filipovich: BOGO: man mysqlcheck for the params

Chard: I did it in cpanel too no?

Uppinghouse: Codi: do you have photoshop

Filipovich: Stay out of cpanel. that’s why I asked you about SSH

Lidtke: Codi: open the original file and go to EDIT – color settings and choose under RGB the sRGB profile

Wedd: Codi: and choose under management “Convert to Working RGB”

Savaria: Edit wp-config.php – define’WP_ALLOW_REPAIR’, true; then visit – http://example.com/wp-admin/maint/repair.php

Filipovich: BOGO: mysqlcheck databasename

Enomoto: SRGB was already set, but in profiles it was set to preserver, not convert

Tarris: Codi: ok. then resave for web but just do default jpg settings at whatever size you want

Filipovich: BOGO: then the db is OK. Interesting.

Whisenand: I had some issues last night too but that was with w3tc

Filipovich: Are you fscking around in the database, bogo?

Mohead: Bu***and: ok, uploaded. I guess I need to regenerate my derivatives?