Bu***and: Just that, no.

Bahr: Download that, run it, then refresh to see what happens

Bahr: It’s not pulling a “snap-thumbnail” like the demo though, so that will probably not fix your initial issue but needs to be done

Gron: Because the demo doens’t ahve featured images, his theme does

Bahr: Well the theme demo is showing projects versus posts, and project-thumbnail versus post-thumbnail

Filipovich: Looking upscroll. wow is this farked up!

Bahr: I honestly think you need to tweak your settings somewehre, Emil_

Bahr: I just don’t know your theme. could be a number of things.

Golabek: Are theme settings anywhere else but in theme-customize?

Davidowicz: Best way to center the div with the code crayon-main, without affecting other divs of the same cl*** on other pages? https://thomaso.me/uncategorized/exercise-5-1

Whitey: So this is really strange, literally if I go into wordpress settings, and change the wordpress url from http:// to https://, I can no longer access the admin site due to insufficient permissions?

Filipovich: Thomas_d: are you asking us to do your homework?

Filipovich: Thomas_d: hint: look at the body statement for the page!

Filipovich: Thomas_d: your theme does a good job with body cl***es

Savaria: Pac: you can’t just add an “s” and suddenly you’re ssl encrypted.

Bahr: Emil_: well theme-customize is generally not the “theme options”

Heers: Filipovich: ah yeah, cheers. sorry, haven’t touched my site for a few weeks and seems like I’ve forgotten all about it lol

Goldstein: Bahr: I’m very new to wordpress

Brazill: Opsec: my site supports https, I can access the front page via https just fine.

Watland: Where are those settings, then?

Matchette: Opsec: wordpress is the thing generating the error, too.

Bahr: Emil_: check appearances- is there a theme options or something? check at the top or bottom of the left nav bar — anything like OPTIONS or THEME SETTINGS? heh

Bahr: Emil_: it depends on where the theme put it. i can bury the theme options so where you

Savaria: Pac: go get a cert and setup a proper vhost on your server with that cert. https://startssl/com https://letsencrypt.org

Faist: Appearance is void of any meaningful settings

Bahr: Emil_: it could even be a page template you need to select! could be many mnay things

Bahr: Could be your homepage being a static page vs posts page or visa versa

Dykema: Opsec: again, my server has functional SSL, I can connect to wordpress using SSL just fine.

Bahr: Emil_: each theme is completely separate from any others.

Barish: Emil_: lots of peole are poking around in the dark for you. WHy dont you RTFM

Bahr: There are “standards” but who knows

Wygal: Someone use woocommerce?

Bron: Someone know if is possible to add categories to woocommerce via API? i try without luck and cant find any info about that in the official docs

Cruze: Emil_: Google result for rtfm – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RTFM

Sartain: Read the Ill get banned if I say it manual

Ninh: Opsec: again, the issue is that if I change the site url to https, wordpress says I don’t have permission to access the admin panel. The whole site is accessible via https.

Gilberti: Bahr: The Customizer -is- the theme options, WordPress.org has rules for themes to follow, one of them is taht any theme options must use the customizer

Orland: SamSagaZ_: woo commerce categories are just wordpress taxonomies. you can do anything with them

Zone: Winland: what do you mean “any theme option must use the cusotmizer?

Savaria: Pac: but wordpress does not care if your site is http or https, only your webserver configuration does

Krukowski: Opsec: well it does now, apparently :

Concilio: Bu***and: Just that, no “Theme Options” pages in the left hand menu, it all has to use the customizer 😛