Bridgens: you can see where.

Eslick: Carney: i’ve already suggested you should do it the WP way with the links I sent you.

Betschart: Carney: but since you dont want to.

Carney: Guimares: I’ve been mulling over those docs and my code almost exactly matches but I’m still getting NULL.

Berishaj: Carney: ALMOST is not exactly

Carney: That’s true, but the names for their meta box and variables don’t make sense for my application.

Meile: Carney: wp doesnt send doc encoding which you need when you send a multipart form like with a file field

Carney: Guimares: I had figured that. But, can’t find a way to make this possible.

Carnevale: Here’s the rest

Caracso: Carney:

Carney: Is that all I’ve been missing!?

Langdale: Carnevale: why do you INSIST on leaving out important information when asking for help?

Carnevale: Global $post seems to work

Carnevale: What about my second link shed light on my problem?

Fude: Carnevale: i want to know the answer to my question first

Carney: Hold crap Guimares that WAS it.

Carnevale: My functions typically have a **** ton of commented code, irrelevent commets etc.

Graybeal: Carnevale: Please help us keep Bertman a family friendly room, and avoid using foul language.

Carney: Finally, maybe now I can start making some progress. Thank you for your guidance.

Carnevale: I prefer to clean that out before I ask someone to sift through it

Grzywinski: Carnevale: you insist on leaving out RELEVANT INFORMATION when asking for help every.single.time

Gutzler: Carney: youre welcome

Carnevale: It’s not on purpose, but if you explain the difference between what you knew before and after I can ask better questions in the future.

Koopmann: I’m so sick of probing people for important information. It’s draining.

Carnevale: Are you getting paid to be here?

Becher: What does that even matter?

Carnevale: Nm, it would be a pointless tangent when the bottom line is your help in invaluable.

Roark: Ah ok. hear that Carney . my help is invaluable!

Bazel: Carnevale: you sir, can fug off

Carnevale: I try to respect other peoples time by asking specifically for what I need help on.

Carney: Guimares: Couldn’t agree more.

Carnevale: But WP seems to be a horse of a different color where context dictates everything

Eargle: Carney: i dont think someone knows the meaning of invaluable

Carnevale: I used it correctly, it was a compliment.

Nickleson: Carnevale: boy. you’re not very good at that either .

Flanery: Carnevale: i have tried to help you a lot. you make it increasingly difficult to do that

Carnevale: You’re abbrasive as hell but extremely helpful so if I need to structure my questions better so as to respect that I have no problem doing that.

Carnevale: I just need an example of how.

Takaki: Carnevale: i am pretty sure i’ve said this to you before you. you need to include relevant info. ie: you’re running a wp_quey inside of an ajax call. something liek THAT is important to know.

Carnevale: Got it. I promise to provide better context going forward.

Bridgens: Thats extremely important context

Carnevale: I can see how my previous method made me sound like a dolt.

Bridgens: Thats like neglecting to say youre on a different platform lol

Birnberg: Hi all, recently meaning today my site stopped showing CSS correctly.

Rohan: I´ve checked the cache plugin, even deactivated it.

Bridgens: You get any errors showing up in your inspector?

Metcalf: Bridgens: you can see where the frustration comes from