Breadmonster: locally run.

Miley: So i need tabs with a button that looks like this: does anyone know how to do this, or have a plugin for me?

Jeng: It’s just CSS, agentorange Google “CSS button generator”

Hamme: Thats the easy part, i need tabs

Jeng: Wtf? you asked about a button. What is it you want to do?

Jeng: What od you mean by “tabs”?

Eichstadt: Ideally id like to just use a button to switch between views on a page, not sure hte easiest way to do that

Graydon: You dont know what tabs are?

Jeng: There are lots of tab plugins, you can then style the tabs using CSS

Jeng: I don’t know what YOU MEAN by it.

Stilson: Hahaha well im using english

Jeng: English does not tell me what you think a term means.

Jeng: Are you using Visual Composer?

Harkness: Yep but that doesnt matter

Jeng: No, it doesn’t. It just tells me something about. well, never mind.

Fredericksen: It tells me you are kind of a ****

Haverty: Its just a shortcode editor, and im using my own markup

Goodvin: So it really doesnt matter

Jackon: That’s from me to you

Frederiksen: Agentorange: . Enjoy!

Bretto: No i just think its funny wp devs have such an attitude, like this is serious or something

Jeng: Dot to you, WorldsEndless

Estrin: My theme has several nav menus; one of them is pretty statically populated calendar, media, search on every site, but right now I have to add these items manually. What functions will let me automate menu population?

Alecca: Ah the solution to get rid of the damn spinning circle was to hide the div with cl***=”pace”

Baraban: Rounds: define ‘automate menu population’

Reinert: You can set a menu to automatically add new top level pages to it via the menu interface

Layng: SO I don’t want new top level pages, but only a narrow set of specific pages which I will probably have to generate first

Tiernan: Or is this a very un-WordPress thing to do?

Jeng: Rounds: wordpress-menus/">

Jeng: Basically, set a filter and add items to the menu based on whatever criteria you choose

Reddig: Jeng: Thanks! That looks perfect.

Dykhouse: Hey is there now a new way to create metaboxes

Volo: I readed this about a year ago

Sudbrock: And still using frameworks

Mokry: To create metabox with oneline

Derouen: How do I install wordpress on my desktop?

Bejjani: I’d like to run an internal server.

Barthold: Breadmonster: windows or mac or other?

Liv: Breadmonster:

Lawhorn: Tick tock tick tock tick tock

Lokan: Heh, that question alone says “i’m going to be a headache” ;

Lokan: Breadmonster: you’d be better off getting a host

Weng: Opsec: Yeah, I mean I just wanted a blog for myself.

Lokan: Fedora has everything you need to do it but if you’re asking. that means there’s a ton you don’t know, too much to explain here

Shakoor: I can use or something, but I just wanted something local to run on my PC.

Cevera: Jiron:

Lokan: Install httpd, php, mariadb .

Parrent: Anyone using Jupiter theme?

Emma: Opsec: Yeah, I’m just starting out with CS.

Rosentrance: Scavotto: Wow, that’s terrible

Oleskiewicz: Breadmonster: locally run on your machine isn’t for the PUBLIC. so you still need a public host