Brambila built in that i.

Kutzer: I ALWAYS have to look at the template heirarchy page because I can never remember if its archive-myposttype.php or myposttype-archive.php but i know what i need and where to look at it

Onstead: There’s too much to know about “computers” or even a small subset of computers “web dev” . you can’t memorize things, not possible.

Kules: Django_: so when you are given the same link to the same doc over and over. take a min to understand the WHOLE doc. not just copy/paste some code frm it

Forner: MadLems: me to . lol

Greeves: Does the needle come first, or the haystack?

Bohman: MadLems: dont get my started on variable scope lol

Onstead: I’ll see your needle and raise you a haystack.

Ek: Or another thing I can never remember is ternary operators.

Onstead: Some people are very good and seeing patterns and it seems like they’ve memorized everything ;

Stobaugh: I like big picture stuff

Onstead: Life is all about patterns, habits, scope.

Onstead: We wanna be “safe” so we snuggle up in them.

Portera: Django_: you getting any of this?

Korenek: MadLems: are you going to WCNYC?

Focht: I am not. I don’t really get to travel for WORK work, only my other job

Blazina: I dont know why. i thought you were in the area

Rumphol: Oh, nope. I’m a Midwesterner

Geibel: You mean a fly over state-er

Blyther: I know you mid westerners hate that :

Dunaway: I can’t really say I recommend coming to Wisconsin ¯_ツ_/¯

Fossum: My goal is to move somewhere out there. I want to live in the mountains

Wedwick: Well then REALLY don’t come to Wisconsin

Buttke: LOL true. Wisconsin is not mountains

Cullip: Cheese? okay you can come :

Onstead: I learned yesterday that “legal lady” has a woman in her office who’s job it is to click around the website and instantly notify me of the slightest period out of place

Curll: I find if i just ignore those people, they go away

Onstead: I told her if that’s the case, and she wants them done “immediately” it’s going to be a $75 min each time she notifies me.

Onstead: She calls things “CODE 99 HELP”

Onstead: In all caps in the subject line.

Soens: CODE 99 is a period out of place?

Onstead: Code 99 is everything

Onstead: She goes straight to 99.

Clumpner: And where are you sticking all these periods? Why not just put em at the end of the sentence like everyone else 😛

Onstead: Nine nine up in the heezy baby.

Onstead: The thing is, i’ve given access on her request to another lady who thinks she wants to edit things

Onstead: So i’m basically following a baby around wiping the poo poos up.

Onstead: She’s only a editor so she can’t do *that* much damage, i always have yesterday’s backup ;

Spielman: Opsec: WP Security Audit Log –

Onstead: Has saved my *** when dealing with accusatory people.

Northouse: Opsec: thanks – been looking for a nice one of those plugins for a while

Onstead: I make it anm mu plugin and restrict it to myself on top of that

Onstead: No one else can even see it, or knows where i produce the screenshots from ;

Onstead: It basically keeps track of all events in the admin panel

Onstead: Install, remove, edit, delete, add new, modify. users, pages, posts, cpts, cats, media, blah blah

Onstead: All tracked and logged.

Yacono: Opsec: easy to extend to other actions from custom plugins?

Onstead: Not sure, i’ve not looked at it from that angle, perhaps

Onstead: Brambila built in that i remember, you might need to make a companion plugin