Boyer, looks like strato is.

Bahr: Bu***and: opsec: yeah i know. i just found this particular instance hilarious because of his 2 part question. 1 of which he provided the answer to, then came back to it once he was humiliated with his #2 heh

Bahr: Maybe i happeend to read it at the most opportune time for my laughter.

Opel: Who has a nice idea how I can make a nice menu containing a lot of years and months ?

Savaria: 1. no one likes to admin they’re wrong — the force is very strong with that one. 2. people are generally highly illogical.

Dickison: Omg this day just keeps getting better

Bahr: Roelof: you’re a nice guy.

Koppy: I got a free coffee today and I just cant bring myself to drink it. I feel wasteful

Horey: Roleof I recently had a drop down that was insanely big, so I used the overflow-y: hidden; method

Bahr: Roelof: you want some nice colors too?

Savaria: Bu***and: sacrifice it to the coffee gods.

Kellermann: Boyer, there are many choices, e.g. strato i think, bit if you have a basic understanding of a linux system you may just rent a vm somewhere and do the work by your own ;-

Nauer: I use now calender archive widget but it seems very broken now

Peden: And today is like national coffee day or something

Bahr: The one day free coffee i don’t even want it


Mazell: Me not. I do not like coffee :

Pachelo: Bahr: i should have declined the free coffee. my mother’s guilt for not cleaning my plate is strong

Bahr: It’s the little traumatic moments from life

Guerini: Just give me yours, i’ll be a hero and take it

Savaria: I always pour out a little coffee each day, for the gods — no joke.

Hullender: Lol opsec haha, I have this weird habit I can never finish the whole pot of coffee. I have to leave the last sip. I don’t know why

Stromquist: Opsec: feel sorry for whoever has to clean up your floor

Abina: You can see my current site here : www,

Savaria: Yea, i don’t like wasting food generally.

Vondohlen: Tweichart: Thank you for replying. I got my own server that’s running, and I thought I could maybe find out a platform, an app of some kind and let the visitors install their own wordpress installation right from their browser window. I’ll check out strato

Savaria: Bu***and: i pour out the last bit in the sink. praise be the godz

Savant: Opsec: the coffee gods live in the plumbing?

Best: Bahr: of course with nice colors. I must fit into my current site

Bahr: They live everywhere. they are hindu gods.

Savaria: Hanumanji baba ram ki!

Schlabaugh: Boyer, strato was just the first one that came to my mind, I don’t know much about usability or performance or costs there

Bahr: Roelof: in that case sorry : i only know how to perfect mean ideas when making a mean menu.

Perrett: Tweichart: Seems like I can’t really find any kind of specific information about strato

Mcnaney: Boyer: wordpress multisite?

Bahr: Roelof: how do you want to make your menu? a nav menu? what kinda years and months? auto-generated? manual? how many? 10? 50? hundreds?

Rygiewicz: Bu***and: No, I don’t know if your understood my question correctly – do you know about Namecheap?

Savaria: He wants a web installer swill like scriptalicious.

Savaria: To do automated wordpress installs.

Beigert: Boyer: in that case, are you talking about simple scripts or scriptaculous

Rushenberg: Bahr: it will increase per month. This site is about the live of my daugther. She is now 10 so at this moment 10 * 12 = 120 menu items

Scianna: Prefferly auto-generated by using the dates of the articles

Dublin: Boyer, looks like strato is only available in de and gb, so maybe that’s the why you can’t find anything