Becuase once you update.

Panek: And under pages I am not able to find the home page option

Shivy: Div cl***=’my-search’?php get_search_form true; ? /div

Tebay: Where in the code I should look for to know how the home page i sbeing called

Dismore: Kenshino__: Just running tests would require you to do it like that.

Sekulski: General Settings – Reading

Matias: Kenshino__: ok thanks

Badamo: Hemrich: Most websites do not require unit tests. It’s a moot point

Debow: Kenshino__: it is checked to your latest post

Naumes: Depends on what he is doing ;

Sosaya: Then it might be a template called front-page inside your files

Greaser: Or your front page is simply page.php rendering blog posts :

Pezzuti: Hmm

Pezzuti: Someone a suggestion how to grab that image? :

Pezzuti: I am using “Categories Images”.

Chaloner: Get the posts of the category, then get the child attachments of the posts, then check if they are pictures, if so, put into an array to be called on

Pezzuti: So inside my loop right? :

Pezzuti: Panelli already here

Pezzuti: Oh that seems not to be what I want. That gives the posts inside the category their images. 😛

Miklos: I’m using these action-filters,

Pishner: Are there any hook that reacts on page saves?

Perkinson: What kind of page save?

Beckstrand: Post types use save_post

Kravetz: Kenshino__: page types

Pelot: Those are also post types, pages are one type of post_type

Pezzuti: Kenshino__ Seems im still doing something wrong grabbing that category image.

Pezzuti: I can grab all the data from the categories themselves excluding the image.

Persten: If you have a category image, it is provided by a plugin

Fritter: See how the plugin does it

Pezzuti: Yeah I used the do***entation but got: Undefined variable: taxonomy_image ;P

Pezzuti: Nop do***entation doesn’t want to work a

Genera: Hemrich: FYI 😀 it tells u what to do

Pezzuti: Seems I can get everything, except those image

Pezzuti: I am also not able to use those function.

Bynum: Hi. ive got a wordpress instance on a server sitting behind a reverse proxy – the user has put a module on for google ****ytics, but when he edits the settings and clicks ‘save changes’ it gives a 404. it seems like its going to instead of when trying to POST back to teh wp-admin/admin.php

Werderman: Is this a known problem or more likely a problem with the module itself?

Pezzuti: Https:// Kenshino__

Dyser: I’ve installed a plugin to show feeds from facbook but I am not able to find in the admin panel which page is responsible to create homepage how do I insert this plugin’s function into homepage in code side

Capracotta: I’m helping out with someone’s wordpress installation. In the Primary menu twentyfourteen theme I’d like to insert a button with the Feed logo, leading to an atom feed. Anyone has tips on how to accomplish that?

Speake: Go to settings-menu and add a new one mobyduck

Yacko: ArtisanIndia: yeah, I can add the link, but it will be a text link. I’d like to know how to substitute the text for an image

Mendelsohn: Then you should create a childtheme create a menu.php and add a link

Lanquist: This menu.php will overwrite the parent menu.php

Selvaggio: Is it bad practice to change in the original menu.php?

Lurie: Becuase once you update your theme your changes will be erased