Because there’s no such.

Bramham: Quote opsec, but may I suggest to use an external file where add your scripts? and include them via wp_enqueue_script?

Bedlion: Ask your questions here.

Gaut: Opsec how to run that code on the

Bedlion: The same way you’re running it in your example.

Bloxsom: Opsec after i open my site, what to do ?

Szermer: Smgs: if you use, we don’t support that in this channel

Babula: Mpol: For support with your blog or site hosted on, please see

Geisen: Smgs: For support with your blog or site hosted on, please see

Ezzelle: Mpol is there any other channel for what i am asking ?

Szermer: Maybe there is a channel, no idea. Did you check the channel list?

Ulich: Oh. there is one. thanks mpol

Boyson: In how many hours can a normal programmer convert an existing html templete into a wordpress template?

Bedlion: What is a normal programmer?

Bedlion: How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?

Loureiro: But depend by the speed

Szermer: I’d say somewhere between 2 hours and 2 months, depending on thousands of factors

Bedlion: Mpol: is proper diet in there?

Bedlion: So really you meant 1000’s + 1 ;

Szermer: Yes, and that diet might take another month

Bedlion: Well, i’ve learned some valuable things today.

Eveleth: May be sometimes the sync of wp repo with wordpress is not working?

Tonai: Sorry I meant with github

Mirr: Widoz, rougly speaking. wordpress-theme/7814258">

Szermer: Voyage: sounds like you never made a WP template before. Take your time for it, and don’t bite off more then you can chew on with your first project

Bedlion: Voyage: there’s like 40 starter themes out there, depending on your knowledge, skills, the amount of work, etc. it could take x+16

Valorie: Mpol, I guess this template already has wordpress support but I do not see a signle wordpress tag in it.

Mariscal: Voyage:

Kear: Voyage:

Szermer: Voyage: you mean you bought it already?

Baron: Mpol, opsec how do I know if a template is wordpress complient?

Eves: Voyage:

Bedlion: There’s like 1001 ways to make a theme

Szermer: It should have a wordpress loop and use wp functions

Bedlion: None of them is “right” or “wrong”

Oppelt: Opsec – sorry for the delay of my answer – was on the phone

Bedlion: What is key, is the motivation, style, organization, etc of the programmer

Bhaskar: Right but when you buy a “wordpress template” it is expected that it will have the loops etc already? but I dont see any

Bedlion: Especially from themeforest

Leifer: How can I access by ftp my website I’m hosted on host gator, so I can rename/disable this plugin I don’t need it in fact

Bedlion: My advice, never ever buy any theme

Bedlion: There’s over 40 starter themes so you can make whatever you want

Bedlion: Based on many things, like bootstrap, laavel, twig, etc

Bedlion: Even just plain old php


Flugence: Opsec, what do you meant. Elenbaas is expected?

Bedlion: There’s 2 popular ones. here’s one fris found yesterday:

Rousch: Opsec, why not buy theme?

Bedlion: Because there’s no such thing as a “one size fits all” theme, unless it’s a starter theme