Bahr: settle down. a few.

Bahr: Emil_: the CSS solution involves me knowing more about your selectors. .post-thumbnail seems pretty common, and i don’t want to override styles across the board

Horsely: I’ll take the hacky version

Bethke: Emil_:

Bahr: Emil_: well the hacky version still requries you to modify your theme

Bahr: I ***ume you’ve already beeen doing that?

Bahr: Yeah snaps is showing it using a diff thumbnail

Bahr: So you either a *****ed something up , b need to change a setting in your theme

Bahr: See snaps have taller images?

Bahr: That’s probably an image added to your theme, size 480 x 640

Bahr: See the IMG inside the .post-thumbnail div?

Bahr: If you did something like .post-thumbnail img { min-width:100%; min-height:100%; max-height:150px; } that would “hack your way

Bahr: But probably have stretched images

Bahr: You don’t have much to work with to see, but again– not a great solution to use

Bahr: And be sure .post-thumbnail img doesn’t oerride other things

Romay: Thank’s, I’ll try that

Bahr: That’s a very specific piece of duct tape though, Emil_

Bahr: Be sure not to upgrade your theme ever. and expose yourself to all sorts of risks— for if you do update, you’ll lose all your changes

Bahr: Not using a child theme should be tolerated as much as chmod 777 is lol

Levee: Chown username -R / && chmod -R 777 /

Bahr: Don’t even joke about that 😛

Victorine: Rm -rf does wonders too

Bahr: Many folks will actually do it and come back and complain

Rawdon: I actually did that one but for /usr/bin

Shelburne: Is there a plugin that will put a horizontal div containing variable content across the top of a site above title banner and everything?

Bahr: Cmon now, keep it noob-developer friendly.

Sheffer: Managed to un***** it, though

Bahr: Those aren’t things to joke about in a room full of folks wanting to learn 😀

Gude: Bahr: how would I delete the footer with “proudly powered by wordpress

Kegler: It’s been made hard because it’s generated by php -.-

Sokolsky: And because there are end tags and **** there

Guziec: Emil_: Please help us keep Orchard a family friendly room, and avoid using foul language.

Soderman: Emil_: Please post your source code with a service like or similar for us to look at, and avoid pasting large pieces of code to the channel.

Bahr: Like electriX said it’s probably in footer.php but very well could be in a footer widget or something

Bahr: Or base64 eval lol doubtful if it’s a theme

Femat: Http://

Liddell: Sorry every chan is different on where to paste

Northan: Http://

Bahr: Emil_: just remove line 24 on tht paste. the entire a/a.

Bahr: ElectriX: yeah has ads all over it. use something like or

Bahr: ElectriX: you embarr***ed to be using wp?

Safford: Ahahah 😀 I was a bit lost there because you said ads and I instantly thought “what ads?”

Guariglia: Must be why it always yells at me with that annoying banner to upgrade to pro since i’m using adblock :p

Woodell: God bless Adblock origin

Buckhannon: Naw, just would rather not have people know

Nevens: Hey folks, I’m trying to migrate a wordpress site from godaddy to AWS. Copied the DB over, if I try and login to /wp-admin it says I don’t have sufficient permissions. The only change I can think of is that the communication between the load balancer and application server is not HTTPS. Any ideas?

Filipovich: Bahr: settle down. a few ads won’t hurt you