Atoem: so stop ignoring.

Karapetian: If it’s querying the custom field and the cf is returning yyyy-mm-dd how does it know to treat that as a number

Lendt: HowardwLo: if you have an active install that has everything you want in it. you should be able to migrate safely

Filippelli: That’s what I’m saying

Notoma: Scavotto if i change in line 3 phone_no to phone the sit crash

Folkner: Atoem: you need to answer my questions

Loynes: What’s the easiest way to get the next/previous chronological post over two different post types?

Betker: Bero: i can go look at my code to remember what it was I did

Magarelli: Scavotto: ya i didn’t do the migrate nor do i think it’s possible to try again.

Cipcic: Scavotto: i’m just trying to fix this last bit, do you have any suggestions?

Galic: HowardwLo: you’re saying if you set your custom field to what it SHOULD be and click update something happens, right?

Woodside: Ah Scavotto if you use ACF it’s stored as yyyymmdd

Twidwell: Scavotto: 9/10, when i click update, it updates properly

Kanai: Scavotto: just this last ACF, when i click update, it doesn’t update

Baumgardner: HowardwLo: you should make sure its not not updating and just not showing you the value in the admin by looking in the DB to verify that field is not getting saved

Heinlen: Scavotto: got it, thanks

Rueckert: Scavotto: okly dokely

Melodia: Bero: events are a PITA good luck

Chatcho: Scavotto: simple listing, Halcom to complicated

Benje: Scavotto: we’re pulling them in from salesforce though, so that’s fun.

Dilullo: Bero: until you realize all the offsetting you have to do with archive pages and stuff so you arent just showing normal chonological but are starting showing events from TODAY back.

Lokan: Breadmonster: are you a “bread head”?

Lokan: The meat*****, the meat*****, the meat*****, the meat*****.

Jaap: Can someone help with with the social media links in the header and footer

Wesly: Scavotto: We’re going to sync with salesforce every night and add/remove the posts, so we can grab only the ones past $today from there.

Birner: Atoem: you have to check that your host is not surpressing errors and turn WP_DEBUG on

Hrbacek: And yeah, I realize how inefficient that is.

Thier: Atoem: no one will help you otherwise

Lokan: Scavotto: looks like a do***entary about bread heads.

Sikorra: Bero: meh. thats not TOO bad i suppose

Carrahan: Bero: so you’re going back in time to delete posts from the past that were imported, say, the day before?

Naftzinger: That can not be the problem

Bergsten: Finally got my loops to lazy load on scroll down this morning WITHOUT using a plugin. *feeling accomplished*

Doakes: Atoem: its not the problem. its how you FIX your problem

Geant: Bero: i guess as long as they dont need old events on the page

Giacchino: I was actually really close for hours but didn’t realize I had to set the URL in the javascript to tell it which page pagination was to occur on lol

Garett: Landsay look making is not the problem

Flack: I want to understand where stuff come from

Iannone: The fix is correct php and xml

Fuoco: Guys Im having a problem with my site; i Installed a new theme and somehow it scrolls really slow not not responsive at all, its delayed and feels muddy somehow. could someone check it out and tell me if its the same with other devices/browsers?

Solarzano: Atoem: You cant understand where stuff comes from if you cant enable error reporting!

Jespersen: Atoem: so stop ignoring what I’m saying and follow through