At the very least, even if.

Namur: Let me put that another way then – surely stuff that sends mail won’t just fail if sendmail is absent or not configured?

Swantek: Does anyone know why my WP backend isnt rendering correctly?

Stippich: WP Engine let’s you use git on their platform, do you know if you can PULL ?

Dortch: If i mouse over the menu or collapse and expand it, it renders fine

Keemer: Also, if anyone wants to join a social network for people who like cats, i’m working on it.

Lokan: G00se: sendmail or postfix or some mta

Lokan: Siba:

Lokan: Siba: new chrome update today seems to have fixed it, it was a chrome bug

Guimond: Thanks man. i swear you might be the most helpful dude on the internet

Lokan: There’s many who would say i’m the opposite.

Alevedo: Lol well, i’ve come in here and asked very random questions before and you’ve pretty much immediately known what the answer is each time, so thank you

Mcmilliam: Im fairly new to WP and have “how do i set this up” style questions haha

Polley: I work for a company that owns several bars

Covitz: I just need to know where to set smtp

Conlogue: Im a bit confused on how posts work because it seems a post is basically anyhting

Riendeau: G00se: Postman SMTP Mailer/Email Log –

Finwall: I want to add venues and also events

Lokan: Thedubbz: posts — pages default custom post type — all other cpts

Henderson: The events i am doing with a custom post type. thats easy

Sanks: Thedubbz: Event Calendar –

Mcweeney: You’re saying i need a plugin to configure smtp?

Lokan: There’s many ways to go with it

Lokan: G00se: yes, by default mail is sent using php mail

Lokan: G00se: php mail uses your servers mta

Erm: I dont want those **** event calendars that dont do what i wantr

Kratowicz: Thedubbz: Please help us keep Vache a family friendly room, and avoid using foul language.

Lokan: G00se: if you want to authenticate to a specific smtp account, you need a plugin

Lokan: Thedubbz: i was trying to help you, but i’m good to stop as well.

Lokan: G00se: there’s dozens of different smtp auth plugins. Halcom wrong with using one of them

Ashely: What is the best practice for creating a venue that will have its own page, and ***iging events to it? i guess thats my question.

Lokan: How are you making your cpt? you said you already have one.?

Baudler: Yeah, i just made a plugin

Lokan: By default the cpt will use single-cpt.php as it’s template, if it exists

Lokan: It’s very easy with types to make the cpt and ***ign all manner of fields, groups of fields, taxonomies, etc

Lokan: You can then export them for use elsewhere as well

Cerio: Right, ok. again. not the issue

Lokan: I used to put all my cpts in a plugin i made, but now there’s like 2 dozen cpt plugins

Lokan: That’s an interesting spreadsheet

Cacho: Id like to be able to create a new Venue which is a bar/restaraunt. once created it would have its own page. now, id also like to be able to create events, and ***ign these venues to the event. I have quickly scoped out the advanced custom field plugin and it allows you to select post objects. so im ***uming that would be one of these venues

Lokan: Make a hierarchical cpt

Lokan: Like normal pages and posts, make event a sub of venue

Hadler: Ok, let me look into those

Lokan: This is simple to do in types ;

Lokan: At the very least, even if you will ultimately want to make a plugin. using types to quickly hash out an idea is easy