Astra1 remove the height on.

Wethern: I imagine just the theme gets deployed maybe? and each plugin deployed separately or just manually loaded/updated via wp?

Wethern: Manciel, i have gitlab on my server

Wethern: Manciel, i’m still following your message btw :

Manciel: Wethern: .install WP on your staging/prod server standalone. And then connect it and have the deployed files go on top of that. Its not perfect, you still have 2 different unconnected databases but your plugins and theme changes get automated. Activating themes etc does not.

Manciel: Wethern: Im not familiar with gitlab.

Yurovic: Can anyone guide me on how to move some media on a specific page to a different spot on the same page?

Wethern: Manciel, so to start off simple, I can just repo the entire WP folder, but ignore everything but my theme and maybe just branch the theme or just have everything ignored but the theme? lol

Wethern: Astra1, do you have more info? or a link? etc?

Murga: Https://

Welding: I want to move that second listing i added nect to the first, not below it

Wethern: Manciel, gitlab is pretty legit. i can give you a user on my test server if you wanna see the differences

Manciel: Wethern: gitlab looks like repo hosting software

Manciel: Wethern: that would replace bitbucket/github in the story

Manciel: Wethern: I dont think that making the place that is the repo be the same place as your Apache root dir is smart. Because your website is a point of attack. And a private repo is usually a nice backup.

Manciel: Wethern: So combining the 2, if that was ever a thought, is probably a no-no.

Wethern: Manciel, yeah that’s what my problem has been. can’t figure out how to deploy using git without using it in my public_html

Manciel: You could still deploy the repo in /gitlab/foo to /apache/foo/public_html/

Thommarson: Wethern: there are git – server deployment tool

Wethern: I’ve always been weary of auto deployment for a couple reasons, and seen some deployment tools, but trying to determine the best logic or the besst tool heh. figured there’d be some suggestions :

Manciel: If you have the repo on your server and you want to do hosting on that server too you could probably just make a git pull script to do that deployment.

Manciel: If I always had servers with SSH I wouldnt have bothered with git – ftp services.

Wethern: Let’s say my git server isn’t always the one that’s hosting

Wethern: I prob should look at some GitLab deployment methods?

Wethern: is one i’ve come across a few times

Manciel: Wethern: Which gitlab edition do you have?

Wethern: The server open source

Mongiello: New to WordPress and playing around with it. I’ve got a custom Post Type called ‘buzz’ with a required field for an image which is set to return a URL “to the front end”. The img tag lists the source attribute as an integer, however:

Hernanders: Http://

Lindholm: Wethern: this is thepage im looking to edit, I want to make it so the second entry is next to the first or that you can at least see the entire second entry on that page

Utzig: Can anyone tell me how to move things on this page with the newest version of wordpress? trying to move the second entry under inventory: either next to the first entry or below it so you can actually see it

Wethern: Astra1, woops sorry i forgot you sent a link lol

Lynott: Haha no prob was trying to be patient but thought u mighta missed/forgot :p

Wethern: Astra1, well first of all, the css block on line 238 of style.css has height:275px — that is why it’s cutting off.

Baugess: Ok. IS there a simple way to fix that?

Noye: Anybody using the disqus plugin? somehow it is only working for 1 of my posts, the rest just have no comments at all

Hawley: Astra1 remove the height on that