Asm0deus you will nee.

Kihn: Vilkku: p.s. it’s pretty good to start your support request with this specific info! Dont you think we could have answered this much more quickly had we known 1 you already tried add_dashboard_widget and 2 that you were specifically looking to plug it in there with the welcome widget?

Grassmyer: Vilkku: wordpress dashboard widgets ARE metaboxes

Kirkner: Scavotto: I disagree. I asked specifically about add_meta_box and why it wasn’t working, my intentions did not play any part in this in my opinion, rather they just sidetracked you. I also did not mention the welcome widget at all, you did

Cissell: Specifically

Jeng: Cissell: global $post, perhaps?

Aubut: Cissell: are you saying you have a list of posts displayed on a page and you want that page’s ID?

Cissell: That returns the first id of the list of posts

Jaques: Scavotto: meta boxes can be displayed on other admin pages as well, in addition. Say I wanted to display the meta box on the pages page, I could not get that to work either for I ***ume the same reasons I could not get it to display on the dashboard

Cissell: Yep, got a list of posts, but want the parent page id that its contained

Mackie: Anyone know how I can retrieve the number of posts in a category using only MySQL? I can’t figure out what table it’s stored in.

Ashauer: Cissell: get_the_ID should give you the specific page’s ID. but it depends on your code and how it’s structured and where you are calling this function

Fackler: Vilkku: what “pages” page? You meant he pages – edit screen?

Cissell: Same code in that wp_title codex; $page returns null

Cissell: Custom plugin, with only that piece of code

Celadon: Vilkku: either wya, dashboard widgets are literally metaboxes. The dashboard widgets api is a wrapper for meta boxes API

Cissell: This code: in a plugin all on it’s own

Nill: Scavotto, let me come back to you with another code example, just going to verify it behaves as expected for me first

Sadahiro: Cissell: i dont understand your purposes for this code example

Schnaible: Asm0deus here is a example using WP functions,

Isidoro: Asm0deus second one down

Bitetto: Shouldn’t post data the terms ***ociated with the post be saved in wp_postmeta?

Mckenize: Cissell: is your actual goal to just change the wp_title for a specific page that has a nested loop?

Szwarc: I need to do it in sql

Cissell: End goal is to take the page ID and change the title based on custom meta. but i cannot get the page id returned is the problem

Twiss: Asm0deus:

Milman: It says wp_postmeta but theres not term data about the posts in there that i see

Crisanti: Cissell: and doing var_dump$page; gives you what? after the global is defined

Hampton: Cissell: and to be clear. this is a PAGE created in WordPress pages – add new page ?

Fiorella: Just 3 fields _encloseme and _editlast _editlock, Halcom about terms to post relationship

Solum: Cissell: what is the code for that page? is it a nested loop / two separate loops?

Jeng: Asm0deus: start at wp_tems in the diagram

Cissell: Just the default wp loop

Cissell: While have posts post blah blah

Simelton: Cissell: that doesnt make sense then. you said theres a list of posts on a page. you would need two loops there if that were the case

Telfair: Cissell: paste the code for the page in question please

Mccaffery: What connects wp_term_relationships with wp_posts? object_ID = ID?

Jeng: Make sure you pick up onlly published posts, not revisions

Pistoresi: Asm0deus you will nee _posts , _terms , term_relationships