Anyway, the anger from you.

Nordeen: Keeping wordpress up to date *first* and worrying about other stuff after is just a fact.

Reimer: Quite frankly I wonder why you’re even in here because you rarely seem to care about anything at all, let alone providing people with even the simplest of answers or help, everything always has to be some huge friggin process of drama with you

Nordeen: Computers are logical, and their problems are logical, not emotional.

Nordeen: Heh, i think you’re the one producing dramatic reams of text here, not me. ;

Reimer: Yes that’s nice, and I’m updating stuff now, but I have 122 installs to update, so figuring a prioritization of them those with older plugins first, or by WP version first, etc

Nordeen: Sorry you’re feeling sad and cranky.

Akimseu: Nate: Google result for infinite wordpress

Reimer: Sure that makes sense, if we completely ignore the fact you still haven’t answered what I would imagine is a dramatically simple question, but instead, yet again, feel like ***uming things lol

Reimer: I’m glad you think plugins and things like that are the immediate and magical fix to everything

Nordeen: I never said they were, that’s indeed an ***umption.

Nordeen: I’ve not suggested you any plugins regarding this problem of updating you have.

Reimer: Opsec: In my case it’s a very safe ***umption seeing as that’s 99% of the time what your responses to me are, links to plugins and things like that without -any- knowledge of the situations that might have lead to a crapton of WP installs to begin with, or why they’re not necessarily being used yet, etc

Reimer: Not this one no, but this isn’t the first time we’ve talked either, but anyways

Nordeen: Heh, you’re never in here, unless you’re using some other nick.

Nordeen: Anyway, keep being emotional.

Reimer: I have been in here for years, and yes under alternative nicks most of that time

Reimer: Lol okay, just keep on ***umin then

Nordeen: Well, unless you want to tell me who you are, i don’t care ;

Reimer: You’ve proven you don’t care anyways, so that’s largely irrelevant, as you’ve yet to answer the original question, but thanks for showing one of the main reasons WP still gets the rep it does when this is the kind of experience people deal with when they look for some generic community support, lol

Nordeen: I’m in here almost everyday for the last 6 years, same nick. not hiding.

Reimer: Not hiding either, this nick recently released, so I was given it

Nordeen: You must be a proud young man.

Reimer: There’s this thing called /whois that otherwise would state as much, but it’s okay, I’m sure that’s hard for you to do because such a thing doesn’t come in plugin form 😛

Nordeen: I love your beautiful emotional attacks on me. breathtaking.

Reimer: Lol, we have clearly different interpretations of what ’emotional’ is, but it’s alright I guess, whatever you have to tell yourself to make yourself feel a bit bigger

Reimer: So anyone else have an actual straight forward response to my original question? If so just highlight me with an answer later, I’mma get back to fixing these things lol

Nordeen: I’m sitting here chuckling. you’re all upset wasting your energy ;

Turi: Nate: Google result for youtube quiet riot bang your head –

Reimer: Yes, yes, much upset, total sad, much logic *thumbs up*

Nordeen: Go watch the video, cool down. ;

Reimer: I haven’t been anything but cool, but good try, really, lol

Nordeen: Cool off, don’t be so angry, it’s bad for your health.

Reimer: Just sayin’, you know, considering you had the quiet riot video memorized and are so focused on others being mad and cranky, might just you know, be some self reflection maybe that you’re projecting onto others? Just an opinion

Nordeen: Lots of “el oh el’s” there.

Nordeen: Anyway, the anger from you is pretty clear in your own words ;