Anyone know of any plugins.

Fara: Advertising your site using google

Fara: Ive had people clicking on my site when I did the pay thingy there

Clawges: Well app engine only runs your server when it’s getting requests, so it’s cheaper than running a VPS

Fara: It would sometime cost me 5$ and sometime 30$

Vogeler: Does appengine have a cost generator? like aws?

Doskocil: Https://

Fara: And the guy that clicks it could click it and not even call me for the service

Fara: That calculator is just too much work lol

Culkin: Lol yes there are lots of different services in google cloud platform, it can take a bit of study to figure out what they are all for

Fara: Anyhow, have a good night guys

Fara: Thanks for the help and suggestions !

Vogeler: Pretty pricey, so far the estimate is $500+

Figueiras: For app engine? no way

Ballin: Maybe you have 1000s of users daily?

Suon: Idk, I haven’t had to pay for any of my app engine sites yet, they all stay in the free quota so far

Santibanez: Best way is to run a test site and see how it goes, if it’s too expensive then pull the plug

Vogeler: Doubt i would ever go that route

Vogeler: We already use dedicated servers with cdn, making a move to appengine wouldnt make sense

Bryand: I spent a lot of time learning about the various google cloud offerings, so I’m just sharing my experience with it

Kieffer: App engine isn’t really meant for things that might need dedicated servers such as long-running processes, app engine kills processes if they run for greater than ~15 seconds or so

Batey: For continually running stuff they have compute engine, which is pretty much a regular VPS platform, and is def not the cheapest VPS out there

Vogeler: Rapid wpengine if you use coupon code artofblog its 4$ a month instead of $30

Wadley: Which free newsletter plugin do you recommend?

Zinni: Hi, is it possible to have all pages within a certain slug use a different navigation menu?

Stinchcomb: Newbold yeah, you can through making a custom template.

Wattenbarger: Newbold:

Bordner: I have a .ca domain but also have the .com of it. .ca is the main one but .com redirects to .ca. I bought an ssl certificate for .ca but my .com is now giving error on browser because ssl certificate is for .ca what is the workaround for this?

Lokan: Monsterco: fix your redirect / httpd config?

Lokan: Monsterco: not really a wordpress issue

Mccolgan: Opsec – so I don’t need another certificate for the .com?

Lindon: Has anyone figured out the random left admin menu goof yet? or is it still not happening as much? lol

Lokan: Monsterco: no, see #httpd

Lokan: I’ve been responding to you there.

Lokan: Lindon: never was random

Lokan: Lindon:

Lindon: I should have asked was there a ticket submitted yet or just searched myself haha my bad

Lindon: I’ve been away for a while

Lindon: Last i came in someone asked

Lokan: Lindon: not a wordpress issue. it’s chrome.

Lokan: Fix takes all of 2 seconds.

Lokan: Monsterco: Redirect / R=301,L

Lokan: Monsterco: in your .com vhost.

Dou: Opsec – I have this and works well now:

Nienaber: RewriteCond %{SERVER_PORT} !443$

Lazar: RewriteRule /.* https://%{HTTP_HOST}/$1 NC,R=301,L

Minges: Not sure what NC stands for; how can I also redirect the .com version of same site?

Johnikins: Anyone know of any plugins for wp that can overrule the permalinks on a page by page basis?