Any other thoughts in here?.

Sachez: Ablova: do you have any idea what might be?

Fagala: Yes, that is just an external frame,

Goston: It prompt job opportunities we are a headhunter firm

Sachez: So, with all plugins off, put back your original theme and let’s see how much is broken

Sachez: It’s still looking for the style sheets in the uploads directory the ones that aren’t there

Sachez: Your theme is borked. Contact their support team at

Sachez: Ablova: or here: wordpress-theme/5556590/support">

Sachez: This is a premium theme; there’s not much we can do with it here

Mieles: Really appreciate the effort

Buonanno: I’m trying to put in data-attribute to my anchor tag within my wp_nav_menu. is that possible?

Sachez: What would that look like, HowardwLo?

Frisina: Sachez: my wp_nav_menu is currently giving a li with a in it

Pakonen: I would like to to be li a data-attribute=“something”

Sachez: HowardwLo: did you google that? I did.

Sachez: wordpress+add+data+attribute+to+menu+item">Https://

Sachez: Look at the firs item

Sachez: Shame

Sacane: Sachez: how does it work with wp_nav_menu? on a quick find, I can’t seem to find that function on that page

Sachez: What is it you’re trying to achieve?

Pichler: Add in ****ytics for all anchor tags via data-attribute

Saurer: Hey guys, anyone know how to point the main domain to a sub folder where my wordpress is running?

Sachez: Smokie_: shared hosting or VPS?

Livingston: Sachez, its a shared hosting

Sachez: Smokie_: is there a cpanel option to change the do***ent root from public_html to public_html/wordpress or whatever?

Todisco: Sachez, no, they use their own control panel

Sachez: HowardwLo: are you using Yoast’s google ****tyics?

Sachez: If so, look at this:

Overby: Anyone know how to get the_ID from outside the loop? 9-year old search results seem no longer valid.

Sachez: Smokie_: read this:

Sachez: Smokie_: if their control panel doesn’t let you change the do***ent root

Willardson: Sachez, thanks, will try that out

Sachez: WorldsEndless: the ID for what?

Sachez: ID of what better grammar there

Carney: Okay, new question: I have a templates directory w/in my plugin with archive-{post_type}.php and single-{post_type}.php templates. How do I inform WP to use these templates?

Sachez: wordpress–wp-31088">Http://–wp-31088

Sachez: Carney: did you google anything before you asked that question?

Sachez: wordpress+use+templates+from+plugin&oq=wordpress+use+templates+from+plugin">Https://

Sachez: OK, then, you’re welcome.

Carney: Sorry, walked away for a second. I always google before I come into discussion for help. I did get the same result you shared but I couldn’t quite get it to work. I’m an applications developer but the WP framework is foriegn to me and I’m in a bit of a time crunch so I do appreciate your help.

Carney: Over the course fo the past two days I’ve built a rather extensive plugin that does a lot of what our client needs but it’s not quite 100% yet.

Carney: Using the link you sent Sachez I’m getting boolfalse when dumping the result of $post_id = get_the_ID;

Carney: Any other thoughts in here? Custom template w/in plugin for custom post_type. get_the_ID = boolfalse