Any idea what can cause the.

Jeng: Why do designers get to pick themes? They should produce a design for a developer to develop!

Monsen: My understanding is they restructure the entire theme every update.

Swickheimer: I’m not the developer for the site. This isn’t a PSD-WP project or anything. This was a “why won’t my VC tabs work?” project.

Gonzalos: I’ve identified the why, but I’m looking for the best “how” on a fix that will survive the horrors of this theme she chose.

Goeken: Evidently Divi already has a drag-n-drop builder, but she wants this additional drag-n-drop builder to play nice on top of it. Complete designer mentality.

Vogeler: Im going the other way this time, i usally convert the css/html static into theme code, and do the core functionality of the theme last, im doing the core functionality first then implementing the theme from static css/html

Vogeler: Jeng got windows 10 installed

Jeng: Fris: did you use one of the free VMs?

Vogeler: No i installed from iso

Jeng: Back in a while; have to help a friend out of a misconfigured DNS mess.

Lokan: If someone had a sense of ethics, they wouldn’t work on things like that ;

Wiechman: You cant do quotes within quotes like that opsec :p

Lokan: I had a similar job situation once where the client had some lady who worked for her out looking for themes and bought some garabge theme

Lokan: She tells me “here’s what we’re using and this is the design i want implemented”

Lokan: I said “no, you work on the design, i’ll use a starter theme to implement it”

Lokan: She insisted we use it because they paid $47 for it and the boss will want to know why we’re not using it

Lokan: So i said she could tell the boss “the guy left because we’re using something inappropriate and refuse to listen to sound advice”

Jeng: I once had to explain to a boss why I refused to use $25K of code that a board member insisted we outsource to an Indian dev firm. That was fun.

Jeng: Bosses have a hard time understanding “In my considered and well-educated opinion, it’s a piece of crap.”

Lokan: Well, there’s crappy devs everywhere.

Lokan: A lot of people think you can just buy an old car and a *****driver and suddenly you’re a “mechanic”

Igus: Hi, how to remove home from slug on child slugs on multisite setup?

Lokan: Defoe: we’re not buying it here.

Lokan: Go back to httpd and listen to what thumbs has been telling you.

Verna: Opsec, I got no idea what he is talking about and how to do it what he is talking about.

Lokan: You have to actually *read* what he’s saying and follow the links.

Boon: Very relevant its the same if he would speak chinese and I hawaian

Lokan: You don’t want to learn. that’s been clear watching you the last hour

Cata: Opsec, okay I want, I know how to make urls on local it works

Barera: On target it doesn’t somehow

Lengle: Its clearly wordpress overwrites

Lokan: That website you posted in #httpd is horrible by the way. do yourself a favor and close that tab.

Brostrom: It seems that wordpress adds that home after the httpd rewrite is done.

Lokan: It’s got lots of incorrect “info” on it

Jeng: Is opsec revealing his bdsm knowledge?

Noice: Jeng, seems like so. 😀

Ziad: I used custom-permalinks

Hacking: But it caused 404 not to appear

Blaize: So I need custom solution.

Dunnaway: Jeng, “extensive” doesn’t come close

Mcmarlin: Hey, guys, I have a weird fatal error showing up in the dashboard. It says unidentified function wp_widget_rss_output in the dashboard.php file. I checked wp-includes and found that the function exists in widgets.php

Guilbeault: Any idea what can cause the problem? I’m having some strange issues lately regarding the widgets.