And load my plugins widgets.

Rava: Members doesn’t just use the normal WordPress login ? o_O

Wicklin: Eddq: It will be the administrator email for your site the one under Settings General

Glos: Unless you are runnign a plaugin, in which case it might be filtered by the plugin

Llewlyn: Jiron: seems so. lower right corner – it says widget_members-widget-login

Jeng: Eddq: looking at WordPress/WordPress/blob/master/wp-admin/includes/cl***-wp-upgrader.php#L3465,">***-wp-upgrader.php#L3465, it appears that emails get sent to the admin email setting

Llewlyn: I like it how Jiron pronounces “Plaugins” 😀

Everage: Showman, I am getting the meta_key names from HTTP Live Header, is it correct way to findout meta_key names?

Rabehl: Llewlyn: The host blocks “external” references to wp-login.php to stop bruteforce attacks I guess

Sigars: So you can only login via wp-login.php, not via a front end form

Llewlyn: So it’s a server issue?

Showman: Everage: I would typically just do a SQL query like this: SELECT DISTINCT meta_key FROM wp_postmeta

Showman: Then just look for your yoasty stuff

Babick: Jeng: good digging. I could just see it set in the database. Looks like visiting/re-saving has changed the value. Cheers1

Llewlyn: Jiron: where would I see it uses an external reference?

Waidelich: Llewlyn: How do you mean ?

Scriuner: Oh, I loked at the for mand saw it was action=”wp-login.php” on the front end

Llewlyn: And this isn’t valid?

Prochaska: Their host probably doesn’t allow it, no

Donton: It’s not invalid, just something hosts like to block for “security”

Llewlyn: It would be OK, if it wasn’t an absolute path?

Llewlyn: Because the URI is on the same server

Everage: Showman, all I see from SELECT DISTINCT meta_key FROM wp_postmeta query is a bunch of field keys from ACF plugin instead of Yoast meta :

Slain: The host just doens’t allow you to login from anywhere other than wp-login.php at all

Llewlyn: Never heard of that before

Everage: Even though I have published a post with yoast.

Showman: Everage: your query is limiting your results to 25 per row by default

Showman: Everage: SELECT DISTINCT meta_key FROM wp_postmeta WHERE meta_key LIKE ‘%yoast%’

Showman: Do that instead – you’ll see 4 there in postmeta

Everage: Showman, I knew, I executed the latest query I got Halcom :p

Szarek: Llewlyn: Without asking the host, it’s just a guess of course, but that’s what it’s telling me from experience at least =

Showman: Everage: this is what I get from that query:

Llewlyn: Jiron: thanks for your help, I just replied to the support question in the forum

Llewlyn: OK, my kid is waiting … bye.

Showman: Everage: granted, I have values in my postmeta because I’ve set the SEO data on a per post basis – this doesn’t grab the stuff that it inherits and autofills – it has to save in the db

Showman: I have all the SEO information filled out on each post. I’m not letting it fill anything in for me, so it’s hitting postmeta

Plude: Where to get help with buddypress?

Boensch: Then maybe it is here only ?

Haims: Dunno, the websites say its over there

Palilla: Anyways, anyone here who could tell me the correct way of modyfying buddypress profile pages without a child theme, straight from a 3rd party plugin

Jeng: Zeddyte: “straight from a 3rd party plugin” are you using a plugin or writing one?

Mccatty: Which is pretty much its own plugin, but interfaces with buddypress

Gurne: For example i want to add a custom widget area under the profile page

Hayduk: And load my plugins widgets into it