And it displays the big.

Lokan: I do love willful ignorance in the tech industry, keeps me in more steady work than i can deal with ;

Klukken: Opsec: not so much willful ignorance on my part as much as I have never worked at an organization willing to deploy a linux box and as such haven’t taken the time to learn it

Froschheiser: Besides I would rather just outsource the website lol

Jeng: Managed wordpress from dreamhost

Duperclay: Why when I apply a higher z-index to my main navigation does it not overlap the giraffe?

Lokan: Safari: #css for css experts.

Brossard: Anyway gotta go get some errands done I’ll be back later

Lokan: Humans are obsolete, put them apples in your bonnet.

Denno: Opsec I think that type of discussion should be had at #web-social , thanks

Madison: Actually Vache-social please consider other users in the future.

Lokan: Safari:

Dittrick: Sounds like a hell of a time

Nunz: How can i get is_user_logged_in to work in a plugin? Now it breaks the frontend

Reagey: Hi everyone! I want to hide some meta details from items in the order emails on Woocommerce.

Diec: I don’t want to use wc_delete_order_item_meta because it will remove it permanently

Gionest: Is there any way to do it only on the emails-order-item.php?

Tavis: Carim: You could make your own email template, or you could use filters to remove individual items

Lukacs: I don’t remember all the Woo filters, but they’ve got good do***entation for it

Yeske: I tried with the woocommerce_hidden_order_itemmeta but didn’t work

Jeng: Vovvawrk: “how can i get is_user_logged_in to work in a plugin? Now it breaks the frontend” breaks how?

Oetting: Jeng: no code is showing at all, not even a php error

Jeng: Enable wp_debug and debug logging

Guillot: Vovvawrk:

Jeng: And pastebin the code you say broke it

Ducos: Usually when I use a built in feature like that and my screen shows blank white, I forgot something simple like a or ;

Jeng: ScoDal: or an extra or missing ‘

Okimoto: Yo Jeng you good with javascript at all?

Dollard: I’m tryin to pop a wordpress user ID into javascript to complete a URL

Sciandra: Scratch that, a wordpress user nicename rather, I have the nicename in a variable

Doyel: Http:// I added those ares in red, but it’s not working

Jeng: I’m definitely no good with js

Jeng: You should look at this:

Jeng: Use it to insert data into enqueued scripts

Pooni: I just need to populate the data stored in a function or variable to display the username in the javascript grr lol

Munday: That would complete the proper URL to make it function

Dufresne: Right now it’s going /author/?/page/2

Jeng: If you use that function and enqueue the script to create the URL, it should work. Otherwise, I’ve got Halcom.

Kasemeier: Cool thanks I saved it to look at when I’m not so brain dead. I pulled a 48 hour code session and slept 7 hours. I thought I’d be ok today, and I’m not 100% lol

Petre: Hi. I’m using add_image_size for a new thumbnail size that honors the ratio of the image and does not crop. how do I make it actually recalculate a scaled down image? it still loads the full size, just displays it small. or did i do something wrong in my request of the image?

Jeng: Anotheryou: you need to use the hande you created for that image size e.g., the_post_thumbnail’mynewsize’;

Zaidel: Jeng, I’ using wp_get_attachment_image $img, ‘custom-size’ ;

Dalley: And it displays the big images small, but it’s the full size file