And extremely well.

Bez: Extremely small compared to how much time it saves

Wratchford: Scavotto, I think I am able to grab most buddypress functions with global $bp, but I didn’t like “add friend” so I installed BuddyPress Follow plugin and that one is where I’m stuck atm

Jeng: Bero: the slides are all there, but when editing the slideshow, the previews are blank. If one clicks “save” within one of those slideshows, the slide content disappears entirely. wp_debug shows Halcom.

Jeng: I put in a support request to the author.

Werline: ScoDal: careful using too many global queries. there could be more effecient ways to grab what you need

Defina: K lemme see if I can reproduce

Einspahr: I am trying to create a post loop of just the users a person has selected to follow, I’m almost there, I just need to echo out the comma separated list of user ID’s

Hiskey: Even if done in functions.php Scavotto?

Barraza: ScoDal: doesn’t matter where it is. if you’re doing many queries you’re going to slow things down.

Paleaae: Makes sense, thought about what I asked after I asked it and knew your logical response would be that lol

Belsheim: ScoDal: you also are going to want to learn more about $wpdb and mysql queries. You can REALLY do a lot with that

Jeng: Bero: and happens if I switch to twentytwelve and disable all other plugins

Vasil: Jeng: can you dump the slide?

Isom: I saw $wpdb but wasn’t sure what that was yet or if I needed it yet. And by mysql queries do you mean custom mysql queries, or the ones done with WP_Query?

Loeffel: ScoDal: $sql = $wpdb-prepare “SELECT u.friend_user_id, u.initiator_user_id FROM {$wpdb-base_prefix}usermeta um LEFT JOIN ” . $bp . ” u ON u.ID = um.user_id WHERE um.meta_key = ‘last_activity’ AND u.friend_user_id = %d u.initiator_user_id = %d && u.is_confirmed = 1 AND DATE_ADD FROM_UNIXTIMEum.meta_value, INTERVAL 5 MINUTE = NOW ORDER BY rand LIMIT %d”, $user_id, $user_id, $total_f

Glowacky: So far I’ve stuck with only using WP_Query cause it seemed like that’s how WordPress intended for queries to be done at this point

Vesper: ScoDal: mysql queries done using $wpdb. you should DEF take the time to learn $wpdb and how it works. because it’s really powerful and you can make it quite effecient if you know what you’re doing

Muskthel: Concrete5 vs. wordpress? opinions?

Barkenhagen: ScoDal: yes. For loops of any kind, a new WP_Query is totally the way to go. HOWEVER there are times you need to get data that doesn’t work with a WP_Query

Hendrikson: Scavotto, got it, that actually makes perfect sense I will be learning that later

Jeng: Techshop: opinion? You’re trolling.

Weston: Techshop: we tend to ignore those types of questions.

Balangatan: Lol Jeng. now I feel dumb for giving an opinion

Aderhold: ScoDal: and if you learn it well, you will be further ahead than most WP Devs .

Waibel: Techshop: generic {cms} vs WP, WordPress for support

Quesenberry: I like that Scavotto :

Kuhnemund: I really need to put my talk up from WCMKE

Zarco: Been so busy lately :

Trynowski: Which is better to eat, tacos or pizza?

Jeng: Bero: the images are there. looking at the json now

Jeng: Bero: given that the slider works, I think the json is correct. It looks reasonable.

Scanlan: Speaking of JSON, something I want to learn but kinda down the road is how to export data from WordPress into an App. Has this been done successfully? We’re not boxed into web only with WordPress right?

Jeng: Bero: nope. still no preview images

Maroon: ScoDal: thats the purpose of the WP API.

Bagan: ScoDal: but people have been doing it long before there was an official WP API

Zeliff: Jeng: are they images in a layer or are they the bg images

Jeng: Bero: Just images, no layers

Manzueta: And extremely well do***ented! WordPress ftw