And any time we have a.

Lindon: Are you saying the list table columns does this?

Lindon: I’d imagine doing something tricky with pre_get_posts or changing the db query

Goodrick: Can someone pls recommend a plugin that lets me utilize the facebook api

Buzzelle: Need help with woocommerce shipping method

Duve: Are you paying for the woocommerce shipping method?

Bialaszewski: Ive built my own shipping methods

Neman: Nice. was going to say ifyou paid for it then they have support but since you built your own that’s pretty cool

Figueron: Tried setting the cost through add_shipping. but it doesnt seem to work

Chrisman: In WP 4.x, where exactly is a users role ‘saved’? _usermeta?

Chrisman: Hm, I saw user_status in _users but thought that was perhaps the ‘old’ leveling model

Masloski: It is, but plugins still utilize it now and then, actual roles and capabilities are in usermeta

Chrisman: Jiron: Guessing that would be the wp_user_level meta key?

Chrisman: Or perhaps not, that looks like the old user numerical level values

Rosenkrans: No, that’s back compat as well

Quevedo: You want capabilities

Maginn: Why does it matter where it is saved?

Liskey: Just use the functions that handle all that

Chrisman: Dopazo: That would be nice and all if it was a single site, unfortunately I need to design something that will otherwise loop through multiple databases and disable a matching email across each one it’s found in

Chrisman: Or well not disable so much as effectively set to a subscriber level

Kostelnik: Nate: Google result for WP Rest API –

Chrisman: Jiron: Doesn’t that work through the xmlrpc?

Chrisman: Ah nevermind it’s a plugin

Whapham: It’s slated for core, but all features are developed adn triaged as plugins first

Chrisman: Yeah not sure that would be remotely more efficient to have to go through each of these sites and load a plugin, for that much I might as well just go through and manually disable on each site by hand

Lunsford: Jiron are you able to give me a real situation when to use the WP API?

Chrisman: Unfortunately most of our sites don’t work multi-user/multi-site

Robidoux: Manually interacting with the user capability roles is a disaster waiting to happen =

Koulavongsa: Hukle: Any time you need ot interact with WordPress externally

Lunsford: Is it when you create outside of WordPress posts for on a wbesite?

Lunsford: Is it when I have a blog

Borsh: Nate: a mu-plugin is a plugin that is always loaded, no need ot activate it

Monat: If you don’t know what WP API is, you don’t need a need to know it

Lunsford: And i have some other website where I can post remotly to so I can post from another resrouce to my wp/blog/site?

Lapora: When you need WP API, you will search for whatever your scenario is, and find that it is the solution

Chrisman: Jiron: Ah thought you were talking about the multi-site models, but even at that we’re still talking about effectively several hundred+ different WP installs

Wiborg: If you want to do that

Chavers: Nate: It sounds like you are approaching a problem in the wrong way

Cullinan: Elaborate on the setup/use case for us =

Chrisman: Jiron: Technically I didn’t approach it, it’s been like this since I was hired, we just host a lot of individual WP installs for people, but due to some of the plugins used, multi-site installs aren’t really possible

Chrisman: And we quite literally have I’d guestimate easily upwards of 200 separate WP installs at the moment spread across servers, lol

Hulings: Where does the database manipulation come into play, and how does this relate to different sites for different users ?

Chrisman: And any time we have a company employee that leaves/is let go/etc who had individual access to some sites, we have to otherwise disable their accounts