All the theme options using.

Kopperud: P.S. another-wordpress-cl***ifieds-plugin, has really good strategy, on sales. :- Base is good, but only for regular use, else you’d have to create your own plugin or purchase really valuable modules. :-

Cassatt: Hellom what would be the best way to have a custom header image on my archive page? as it’s generated automatically and not actually a post or page in wordpress. how can i give the user the ability to control the header image for this area?

Sachez: R000ty_: in header.php, test for is_archive and use a different image

Epting: Sachez, sure, but i want to create a region in the administration area where users can select a new image

Pengelly: I have this option on all my pages and posts currently

Dahmen: R000ty_:

Sachez: R000ty_: wordpress-site-with-the-theme-customizer/">

Chantler: R000ty_, options framework

Ferenz: R00ty_: i recommend redux framework over options framework

Hurm: Okay ill look at both and consider my options

Dennie: How can I grant multiple groups rw to a specific folder ?

Terherst: Hmm I still have some issues with ajax

Fardo: What is good place to search for wordpress job opening ?

Terherst: Https:// someone a good fix

Terherst: I don’t know how to sovle it so I can use $ and jQuery

Sachez: Aspock:

Laubscher: Https:// :Duikb00t

Terherst: Uncaught ReferenceError: jQuery is not defined

Esposto: Jquery js is getting load?

Terherst: But there is a file in my structure which says: script type=”text/javascript”jQuerydo***ent.readyfunction{frmFrontForm.scrollMsg2;}/scriptdiv cl***=”frm_error_style”

Terherst: And it’s on that jQuery its generating the error.

Raisbeck: In browser console type jQuery and check output

Terherst: I changed it in my app.js file now

Ziemba: No need to save anything

Benzschawel: JQuery is not getting load for sure in that case

Terherst: Https://

Terherst: That’s the enqueue function currently

Tiede: You need 1.7.2 only ?

Terherst: You mean I should use a higher version?

Deffibaugh: Check in network also that jquery is getting load or not in browser

Borrolli: I mean why deregister and register again ? let wordpress handle jquery url

Terherst: Jquery.min.js is getting loaded succesfully.

Terherst: Aspock you mean to no deregister it/?

Sobers: Https://

Sachez: Terherst: if you use the built-in jquery:

Terherst: 1 thing. I enabled Ajax but it’s reloading my page.

Narkier: Can you send me that code sample ?

Terherst: It’s formidable the plugin.

Terherst: AJAX — Load and save form builder page with AJAX

Terherst: Then on submit I can pick: Show message

Terherst: The only stupid thing is a css issue now but that doesn’ tmatter :p

Terherst: Because I have a fixed header it’s not ‘scrolling’ to the form

Terherst: Thanks a lot for your help aspock

Cool: We are here for help :

Terherst: In which case should I use a ‘widget/ create a widget’

Terherst: Now I just theme everything and for logic I write a plugin.

Dejoode: Incompetanttt: Don’t ask to ask, just ask :

League: I just launched a site with an SSL cert

Savinar: Or rather converted from http to https

Fromm: All the theme options using get_stylesheet_directory_uri are still returning http version