Agreed on maria over mysql.

Gotowka: Opsec so, what is the cheapest mysql only hosting?

Hearnen: Opsec: i barely know what that means, essentially trial and error it right? im having an issue because i **** at the cl***es id things. i used to be good at it but forgot pretty much everything from a couple years ago.

Filo: Zagaza: you could create a few premade styles, and have the editor select a category or post-format that will use that styling

Renfrow: Gegagome but im not sure if there is some other issue i dont use multisite

Calles: Im installing firebug right now to see if i can remember

Jeng: Free mysql hosting? You could set up a free tiny EC2 instance, I suppose, hivearts

Filo: Zagaza: I think post-formats are designed for that type of idea

Pua: Amazon have RDS hosting free

Lemke: But it’s just stuck after few hours

Cuddington: VectorX; forgot to mention I did deactivate all plugins yesterday

Jeng: Hivearts: what are you trying to do?

Dincher: The thought of free mysql hosting scares me.

Darensbourg: I have dedicated server, but i wan’t to manage mysql for 1 website

Flaherty: I need to host 1 wordpress site

Jeng: Hivearts: pretty lame excuse

Lokan: So install mysql/maria?

Ostenson: This is what I mean guys

Daddona: Say the client would want something like this for instance

Lafever: Where the blue blocks are images

Lokan: Zagaza: it’s a terrible idea.

Loew: And say they wanted some other post, where the images would be aligned in a completely different way etc

Jeng: Zagaza: it’s called markup plus CSS

Cloutman: Maybe i would install database

Treasure: Which one is easiest mysql or maria?

Barie: Jeng what if the client knows no markup and css I mean?

Jeng: Clients should not be designing or developing. That’s your jopb

Lokan: If clients were truly meant to be messing around on the website they’s have some basic understanding.

Ocanas: So what’s the best solution or way to go?

Meloy: Create multiple pre-set layouts?

Jeng: Marketing plan – messages – messaging plan – content – design – development

Lokan: This move towards “visual builing” is dumb. it’s all code anyway. you just make it into a m***ive spahgetti mess ;

Wanke: This visual building is just frontpage but web based.

Purtill: And frontpage was 15 years ago.

Lokan: Visual builders make it almost impossible for a normal web person to do anything useful, without disabling it.

Karrenberg: Jeng I feel you regarding the business strategy, I am asking for the dev strategy

Gutzmann: Mpol zagaza: you could create a few premade styles, and have the editor select a category or post-format that will use that styling

Jeng: Clients do not want to change designs. They want to manage4 content with the least work.

Melendrez: Opsec: which one is better to install easiest maybe maria or mysql?

Lokan: Maria is “better” in my opinion

Jeng: Dev strategy starts after the design. You build it to the design.

Hosack: Hivearts: go with mysql, sounds like you want to put in as little work as possible and mysql will get more Google results if you get stuck.

Jeng: Zagaza: of course, you consult on the earlier steps so the design turns out to be something that *can* be built.

Lokan: 1. it’s developed by the original mysql dev who is on this network, in person, 2. it’s 99% binary compatible with mysql no learning new commands, it’s not owned by oracle.

Freggiaro: I agree with opsec but see my previous comment.

Lokan: 4. maria is named after his daughter ;

Jeng: Agreed on maria over mysql — it seems to be the FOSS future