9 is a better number though.

Potra: But I still have an error to write in my wp-content/uploads when uploading new media.

Demartino: I’m going to check the rights of all subsecente folder and tighten their rights ;o

Lobaton: Question when I upload a new media does it go directly in the uploads folder ? or does it transit by a temporary folder first ?

Shehee: Jil, php will write the stream to a temporary location.before moving it into your uploads directory

Marshman: Checked permissions. Did not see errors.

Korchnak: Wp say it cannot move to the upload folder but I have w rights to the upload folder.

Maloch: Would you guys go for GoDaddy managed WP or Getflywheel?

Rintharamy: People never answer the q

Bedlion: And you’ll get the same for the 2 you mentioned

Lutz: They always give another option.thats not what i wanted

Bedlion: Because it’s all opinion and off topic here really.

Bedlion: Pick whichever one “resonates” with you

Fassett: Godaddy is just nice lately i think

Broad: Used to be utter garbage tho

Bedlion: If spent several hours i could probably come up with several hundred suitable hosts

Kastor: I guess i’ll give them a whirl

Riederer: GoDaddy ahve a nice infrastructure, but still struggle with the support aspect of things

Chlebek: I have called their support afew times

Treon: And the guys were decent

Savic: Much better than bluehost or host gator

Bedlion: It’s just opinion in the end, because you can interview all the clients each host has and you’ll find horror stories and stories of praise.

Rieves: Yeah that is the problem

Adey: Wpengine is “premium”

Roup: But i read horror stories

Cagliostro: So its like u just gotta pick and see what happens

Bedlion: Until you have your own unique experience. it will just be words on a screen.

Bedlion: From my experience with godaddy, their support is horrible and they cannot run their severs well.

Bedlion: Others you find will tell you the opposite

Bedlion: But who will be “right”? . both. neither. it’s all subjective.

Calnimptewa: Ollivierre: ever changed a table to use another character set by using Alter table?

Fagle: Ollivierre: meaning a table in the database ofcourse

Bedlion: There’s no absolute “right” or “wrong” . there just *is* in live. we individually make those right/wrong good/bad judgments

Ace: Opsec when did u use them last?

Bedlion: Bobby_nl: with a clients hosting ~1 year ago

Budney: I think they have changed a lot recently

Bedlion: But even if it was yesterday, my opinion of it would be irrelevant

Bedlion: When you bring “managed” into it and that manager isn’t you. there’s 1000 variables right there. ;

Bedlion: How do you know the person managing your stuff even cares, or if they’re just waiting to get off work and go play video games

Hazelrig: But u cant expect a lot for 6/month

Venerable: As long as its pretty good i wont freak out if its down for a little

Bedlion: You’re dealing with people in the end, “companies”, “governments”, “organizations”. really just collections of people with varying ethics and opinions

Tufano: How can I display 10 posts and data in them back to back?

Bedlion: You can set a static “blog” page and set it to some page you make

Bedlion: Then make a home.php and set your settings — reading to display the full content

Bedlion: You can choose between excerpt and full content as well as how many posts are displayed before pagination occurs

Bedlion: 9 is a better number though ; it’s the 10th number in a base 10 system.