Xcesariox, no, I am saying.

Bachinski: Shai-Tan: https://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.6/en/date-and-time-functions.html#function_date-format

Bachinski: Shai-Tan: %m is month, not minute

Spannbauer: How long does it usually take for this step? TPC-DS text data generation complete. we are using hive

Mcrobbie: Why does select STR_TO_DATE ‘2015-09-12 00:12:51’, ‘%Y-%m-%d %h:%i:%s’ return NULL when select STR_TO_DATE ‘2015-09-15 10:13:38’, ‘%Y-%m-%d %h:%i:%s’; returns the correnct value?

Bachinski: Shai-Tan: we’re going to do this all night, eh?

Bachinski: Shai-Tan: %h is o1-12 and %H is oo-23

Bachinski: Shai-Tan: %h is 01-12 and %H is 00-23

Bachinski: Shai-Tan: %H is 01-12 and %H is 00-23

Bachinski: Shai-Tan: %h is 01-12 and %H is 00-23

Bachinski: Shai-Tan: read closely https://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.6/en/date-and-time-functions.html#function_date-format

Bachinski: Shai-Tan: your hour value is 00, which is invalid for %h, and returns a NULL

Pendarvis: Thanks man, I need to buy you a beer

Bachinski: Well, Tennessee Sour Mash Whisky, but point made

Tullio: Hi, I have a field in my table that is a timestamp, that is a updated_at field. Can I have it auto update when the row change on any other field?

Sininger: Granden: The DEFAULT clause for the TIMESTAMP data type in MySQL 5.5 and earlier only allows a constant, CURRENT_TIMESTAMP. Starting with MySQL 5.6, you can now use NOW with the DATETIME or TIMESTAMP data types. Please see http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.6/en/timestamp-initialization.html and http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.6/en/datetime.html for references.

Awai: Ok, can I change it to something else? So I can have auto-update ? I acctually only need the date.

Keane: Can anyone help me out with my mysql error?

Evoy: Https://gist.github.com/shaunstanislaus/b28c38a5eacfa2cf2c01

Holme: Granden: look and read

Zuidema: Danblack: could you help me out with my error ? https://gist.github.com/shaunstanislaus/b28c38a5eacfa2cf2c01

Caira: I only got a 5.5 version mysql

Sarensen: Xcesariox: i think you should learn some patience

Vitalo: Danblack: i am sorry. :

Seckman: Either there is something wrong in your code or the library you are using. i’m not a js programmer so don’t know

Kozyra: Danblack: i am using the npm mysql module

Inch: Where should i ask this question then

Mueller: Try a node js channel. could stay here just in case however it really looks like its a js error rather than a mysql one

Heral: Xcesariox: I’d say the insert on line 14 is borked and in line 18 you release the connection because of an error, but still continue with your program. add error handling ie output the error message after line 18

Rumery: Xcesariox, ”Bill Clinton’, 2,’ + ”George W Bush” – the second one contains only the name and not the number of terms

Signor: Hes****, Rumery : okay give me 1 sec let me resolve this 2 answers.

Sajor: Hes****: what is borked? whatabout line 14 insertSql ?

Mezzinni: Xcesariox: also, why do you DROP TABLE in line 32, but don’t create it before inserting? if you run that code twice, the second time it will fail because the table is gone

Carideo: Xcesariox: what Rumery wrote

Vanoy: Xcesariox: you have a SQL Niedzwiedzki error in that isert

Higa: Hes****: okay i resolved the line 14, and inserted the number of terms .

Rumery: Xcesariox, you check for error, but then do nothing but release the connection – you should end that function in there and probably log/print the error too – now you can’t even know that it ever happened unless it broke something as it is doing right now

Pippins: Rumery: so you are saying that the pool connection should be shifted to the bottom?

Block: Hes****: no worries, thank you. will consult Rumery .

Rumery: Xcesariox, no, I am saying that you actually do not handle errors, you just silently break your app