Wow, it took me 37 minutes.

Deason: I can’t wait for all of the p****r bugs in 5.7 with new hint syntax

Deason: Scott0_: trick question, it doesn’t

Mumbower: Another day in

Sabata: Domas: what optimizer switches do you have enabled right now?

Fonesca: Weird, I had my binlog size set already

Deason: Scott0_: that said, you typically want innodb_flush_log_at_trx_commit and sync_binlog to be 1 on a master

Collister: But I don’t recall seeing any binlogs

Mandujano: Deason: you mentioned binlog-format

Milles: Domas: are you having problems with a full index scan or a table scan?

Deason: Scott0_: row mixed statement imho

Dorenfeld: I ***ume your index is pretty large

Coufal: Pedward: fixed by bumping eq_range_index_dive_limit to infinity

Youns: That is, pre-5.6 default

Deason: Sometimes slower and usually bigger.

Wyne: Pedward: that variable is stupidtm

Guinta: Domas: lol, the first result on that google search is a facebook post

Uhlenkott: So row based is faster and smaller?

Deason: Might be faster or slower, likely *much* larger

Hendsbee: Oh I mistook your symbols as better than

Oar: Rather than larger than

Lautieri: Pedward: with and without –

Lemarie: Domas: “Well… you got it! The new default in 5.7 is 200.”

Kisinger: Http://

Omersa: Deason: aren’t any issues using row based where certain records in a statement have to exists before a row is created?

Lagasse: Domas: that only works if I’m on your VPN

Fenrich: Does it disabled checks on the slave?

Deason: Scott0_: what do you mean to ask?

Mauser: Data that depends on a foreign key existing

Coladonato: In the situation where a statement/ transaction is run

Exe: Pedward: we were already bumping it to 1000

Lysne: has address

Puppo: Domas: I’m not surprised, you tend to push things pretty far

Cronwell: Http://

Malick: Deason: I don’t have an FB account

Hermie: Obviously I don’t leave FB cage too much

Carlsley: Domas: you don’t work from home?

Endlich: Deason: selling FB backdoors!

Cerrello: Pedward: when I work I’m on VPN

Zampella: Domas: that’s what I thought

Zemjanis: I can’t imagine you going from your previous job to FB and having to be constrained to a cage!

Noxon: They feed us better here

Fazzi: Heh, well the commute ****s

Drane: My current commute is not too bad

Celeste: Mine would have been at least 2hrs a day before, but around 8 hrs each way now :

Axe: I live in the country

Adriano: My previous one was 20h

Pavolini: I go to central Oregon from time to time

Werme: My IP gives it away anyway, so it’s no secret

Doop: Next time I go to Bend. :

Lazzeri: Though I usually fly there

Bonet: My commute is 25ft now :

Wybenga: As long as the VPN concentrator is working, I’m happy

Tam: Wow, 113mn row index search vs 7933

Bridgmon: And you said you had 10k ranges, so how is that?

Spindel: So that means some of your IN ranges overlap?!

Beauchaine: Just don’t try that with BETWEEN

Asad: Wow, it took me 37 minutes to get a count on a table.