What would the.

Telega: Deason: yes i read all through it but i don’t get it

Clyatt: Jancoow: You mean Events?

Pousson: Deason: the scheduler is running

Umbrell: Jancoow: See http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.6/en/create-event.html

Clyatt: Jancoow: Do you mean you did read all of this and still don’t really get how to let something daily happening on a specific time?

Deason: Jancoow: it’s a little funny but usable. i prefer cron.

Michalke: Sorry, yes i meant event. I though it was calling scheduler. And yes i read the manual but still dont get it how. Some other simple things are working: every 5 minuts or so. But at a specific time every day is not working unforinally

Owers: Deason: well, i’m working on a simple domotica system with webUI. It’s fully based on mysql and im using it so i can easiliy create events or triggers on the website.

Lanphere: Well it was the order in the input chain, instead of using -A i used -I and now I am able to connect to the database remotely, thanks a lot for guiding me through

Clyatt: Jancoow: CREATE . EVERY DAY STARTS timestamp doesn’t work?

Deason: Salle: that solution is something i have seen a lot here struggle with seeing, it would be great to have one in an example block or to modify the existing every example

Deason: Someone should file a docs bug / enhancement

Deason: Jancoow: i nominate you!

Bachinski: Thekinginjello: and thank you, it’d been an age since I’d messes with that. did you originally add the iptables chain for mysql manually?

Dause: Yes, the website I was looking at had the command with -A

Deason: Thekinginjello: don’t forget to save your firewall config now

Deason: Thekinginjello: and since this server is called puppet, maybe commit to your repo the config or something, too

Klonowski: I ran service iptables save

Jarocki: Not sure what you meant about is being called a puppet

Schulze: Salle: woops, sorry was afk

Okelberry: Salle: will try that now

Beydler: Deason: what do u mean?

Suskay: Salle: will this work? ON SCHEDULE EVERY 1 DAY STARTS ‘2015-09-01 20:00:00’ 

Skyles: Should that do every day on 20:00 ?

Deason: Jancoow: i just meant you could request the do***entation example for EVERY contain a STARTS exmaple, as well, at bugs.mysql.com

Vasso: I’m attempting to backup a MySQL database using mysqldump. i’m getting the SET OPTION error that is all over google results. the sql server version is 5.6, and the mysql –version returns 5.5 from the command line. is the solution to update the mysql-client tools that i’m using in the command line?

Pedrosa: Thanks in advance for the ***istance

Hunsinger: Laurentide: Use the mysqldump utility that is installed with that server.

Yuricic: Laurentide: The mysql command line client has nothing to do with this.

Ortuno: So i use ssh, connect to the server, and do mysqldump -h hostname -u username -p database database.sql

Scogin: Laurentide: No -h necessary. You just dump it locally.

Vasconcelos: Laurentide: mysqldump -u uname -p –routines dbname yourfile.sql

Brittman: Laurentide: mysqldump –version

Gruca: I just tried what the bot said

Baculpo: Mysqldump: Got error: 2002: Can’t connect to local MySQL server

Danfield: He may have his utilities out of sync with his mysql server, eh?

Strevell: Laurentide: That could be due to the location of the local socket file.

Boje: Mysqldump Ver 10.13 Distrib 5.5.33, for Linux x86_64

Holdcraft: Danfield — thats what i initially thought

Copier: What would the recommendation be when seeing a high volume of spin wait locks 9 spins per lock on a multi-core system where I have no access to the filesystem.I’m guessing raising innodb_spin_wait_delay is all I can really do, eh?