What kind of data type.

Bachinski: Robsco: 5.1 isn’t helping either. that’s old :-

Deason: 5.1 + plugin isn’t bad, despite being deprecated. perhaps unsafe no mdl but performance should be ok with plugin

Tllo: Unknown system variable ‘innodb_version’

Deason: Robsco: that means you need to also enable the plugin

Bachinski: Robsco: https://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.1/en/replacing-builtin-innodb.html

Deason: Robsco: put in my.cnf, under mysqld: innodb_log_file_size=256M ignore-builtin-innodb plugin-load=innodb=ha_innodb_plugin.so

Mcquirter: Do future versions allow any sort of concurrent inserts? I’m looking at 100m per day

Deason: Robsco: issue to mysql: set global innodb_fast_shutdown=1;

Thenhaus: Deason, can’t i just restart with those my.cnf options?

Deason: Robsco: stop mysqld, verify with ps it was stopped, check error log that it stopped cleanly “normal shutdown”

Deason: Robsco: mv datadir/ib_logfile* to /root

Deason: Robsco: start mysqld using init script

Hofford: Trevethan, more than happy to replace the entire data-dir and start again

Bachinski: Deason: what’s that factoid about misusing mysql for queuing? :-

Sahler: Been doing it all day

Winebarger: Bachinski: https://blog.engineyard.com/2011/5-subtle-ways-youre-using-mysql-as-a-queue-and-why-itll-bite-you

Barletta: Bachinski: http://bot.hashmysql.org/ubiquity/

Cwalinski: TheMineBench: You don’t want to use COUNT like that. That guarantees you get 5 for the count, if 5 or more logins exist.

Devalk: TheMineBench: You can just join. There’s nothing special.

Stohr: TheMineBench: Oh. I see. You changed the question again.

Hathorn: TheMineBench: Now you just want to count the accountId = 1 found with no logic regarding clientId.

Dugal: Xgc: I just noticed that. there is supposed to be

Rienstra: Xgc: here: http://sqlfiddle.com/#!9/e9642/9

Hild: TheMineBench: Question, since you’re using accountId = 1, does that mean that’s ***ociated with username = ‘Dctr’ ?

Pasqualetti: Xgc: Correct, the 1 needs to be gotten from the accounts table

Weatherwax: TheMineBench: There’s no reason to specify the username and the accountId. You can derive one from the other.

Bangert: Correct, I only have the username.

Willyard: TheMineBench: Not in your last fiddle.

Pickerill: TheMineBench: You need to decide whether you know the accountId or the username, before this SQL.

Hartzog: Xgc: I only know the username. I suppose my question is how to I use the result from the first SELECT statement inside the second statement with a JOIN

Clyatt: Xgc: My brain hurts when I am trying to understand the logic of that last fiddle

Clyatt: TheMineBench: It will help much more if you explan what are you trying to select. It seems you fail to explain that so far

Borowicz: TheMineBench: Simple. Just join accounts with logins and use username in that logic.

Yunes: TheMineBench: You’ll want to use an outer join, since you don’t know if any logins will match.

Kant: TheMineBench: Hint: http://sqlfiddle.com/#!9/e9642/16

Clyatt: Xgc: I was going to suggest him start with: http://sqlfiddle.com/#!9/e9642/18 and explain what he wants to get further from this result

Deason: Anyone used a galera cluster mixed with pxc and mariadb nodes, for the purpose of migration from one fork to the other? just curious before i started into uncharted waters

Clyatt: Xgc: That clientId=8 probably means inner join, but that’s up to him to say

Clyatt: TheMineBench: I have no idea what exactly you are trying to select, but given the example data in your fiddle it could be as simple as this: http://sqlfiddle.com/#!9/e9642/21

Clyatt: TheMineBench: And you can indeed only SELECT COUNT* FROM .

Millhiser: What kind of data type would you suggest for making a 2d array of unique identifiers kind of like a bitmap, stored in a database?