Well it does not work.an.

Sables: ERROR 1794 HY000: Slave is not configured or failed to initialize properly. You must at least set –server-id to enable either a master or a slave. Additional error messages can be found in the MySQL error log. server ID is set, binglog format is the same on master and slave and slave has been restored from a consistent backup. What am I overlooking here?

Samoyoa: Have you looked in the error log?

Ahlstedt: Snoyes: yea, there is nothing in it indicating an error at the time of issuing the command

Clyatt: Boleware: Recently sqlfiddle became much slower than pastebin. And ads there can’t be easily removed

Decoux: Salle: sqlfiddle doesn’t have ads here – there’s a donate button, however.

Yonek: Decoux: It does here, at the bottom below everything

Decoux: Um, my chromium must be removing them

Clyatt: Decoux: at the bottom, but only when it manages to load which takes minutes last few days

Clyatt: With mozilla and seamonkey that is

Yonek: They are there in chrome too

Clyatt: Pastebin.com looks quite nice with adblock and is always faster than sqlfiddle. It always have been faster for me

Clyatt: Can’t beat pastie.org indeed

Ditton: Dimi1947: You don’t have to ask to ask, or state: “I have a question”, Don’t ask: “Is anyone around?” or “Can anyone help?”. Just Ask The Question. Also, please read: http://workaround.org/getting-help-on-irc

Mcguigan: Http://pastie.org/10423737

Neyhart: You will see there 3 tables and in the end a query that makes pattern matching

Clyatt: Dimi1947: IFu.lastname or u.name IS NULL is plain wrong

Clyatt: Dimi1947: OR is boolean and will result in 0 or 1. None of them can be ever NULL

Clyatt: Dimi1947: Try: SELECT u.lastname OR u.name FROM .; and you will see

Fulker: Ok.i removed the name.the check is based solely on lastname

Bein: Let me procced with the main problem

Clyatt: Dimi1947: IFu.lastname IS NULL OR u.name IS NULL .

Buhr: Http://pastie.org/10423741

Clyatt: Dimi1947: What is the problem with this one?

Jennie: This query as you see makes pattern matching.

Karen: Based on the lastname column of the users table.

Christofferse: Ok. any last name containing the letter ‘P’

Cleary: Where does the second column come in? e.g. “pattern matchingusing LIKE be based on 2 columns?”

Shephard: I want it make to perform pattern matching ALSO for the comp_name column of the business_users table.

Clyatt: Dimi1947: So what stops you doing that?

Onstad: So. WHERE a like ‘%P%

Showes: I have tried several queries but I cannot do it.

Cavazos: WHERE a like ‘%P%’ and b like ‘%Q%’.

Harsh: Give me a second to test.

Tope: Kittinger: http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.1/en/fulltext-search.html

Clyatt: Dimi1947: WHERE u.lastname LIKE ‘%P%’ OR u.lastname LIKE ‘%P%’ or replace OR iwth AND if that;s what you want

Decoux: Kittinger: just looking for an excuse to give you grief :

Clyatt: Dimi1947: The Niedzwiedzki for WHERE is WHERE boolean expression; You can use boolean operators to combine any other expressions you like

Husak: Decoux: see above where I suggested it before.

Clyatt: Kittinger: You could even suggest HAVING name LIKE . :

Belzung: Kittinger, is this what you suggest http://pastie.org/10423757 go at then to see the query

Clyatt: Dimi1947: You can use anyting in WHERE like and use s to make it more readable like: WHERE col1 = 123 AND col2 LIKE ‘%foo’ OR col3 9 AND col4 = ‘bar’ . etc. etc.

Clyatt: Dimi1947: Isn’t it exactly what I suggested? :

Clyatt: Dimi1947: Just make sure you understand the difference between boolean OR and AND

Luka: Well it does not work.an empty set is returned