WCPO: 5.6 will fail to.

Felch: 6 month being a random number

Zeimantz: Would be nice to have something like or equivelant of max-relay-log-size for binary logs, but I understand why that is not an option. if not replicated/synced over to slave data maybe incosistent or replication will break all together

Heilig: Thanks for confirmation

Mooneyhan: I’ve never tryed but maybe you can either change location of binary log or symlink it from another disk

Suddarth: I’m not sure of that but that would allow you to restore your service by simply adding a disk, moving the binary and create a symlink

Dossous: JesusTheHun, I am already segregating mysql data and binary logs

Barth: I was hoping when binarylogs run out of space, db will remain up, accepting conenctions

Muldrow: Turns out it has no merit

Marrero: I was hoping i could control that via a variable as I am okay with replication being down for N time

Bedsole: You can purge for a specific date range

Maull: Yup, seems like that the only option

Labrake: Check against last bin log in show master and purge everything prior

Sjostrom: Hey guys , i am running through a problem since yesterday . i have a table that has one to many to many relation with another table

Querido: So table1 with id 1 . table2 has id 1 – 3 . 1 – 4 . 1 – 5 . 3 , 4 , 5 all related to id 1 in table1

Rakestraw: Gidwani, do you have a doc or detailed info on db/binlog relationship when it comes to commits?

Fuentas: How can i make a query checking if id 1 in table1 . must have 3 , 4 in their foreign table

Gidwani: I have some stuff in my head

Nedina: Cobra-the-joker: SELECT b FROM table WHERE a INx,y GROUP BY b HAVING COUNTDISTINCT a = 2

Heiting: Aww, JesusTheHun vanished

Sorley: Boleware: this is art , thank you

Barrete: I have an IIS server running WordPress and MySQL 5.1 installed. I am having an issue where IIS appears to start up right away on a server reboot however the MySQL database takes about 40 minutes before it is up and running, does anyone here have any ideas as to what might cause this?

Mineau: Look in the error log. perhaps there’s a huge undo log to roll back through

Gesell: Snoyes: where do I find the logs for MySQL 5.1?

Marble: Look in the data directory

Hineline: Snoyes: there is an entry in the .err file for log sequence numbers not matching

Carriedo: Then an entry for InnoDB: Started; log sequence number 0 837002779 then about 33 minutes later it says it is ready for connections

Kendrew: However about 10 minutes before the ‘database ws not shut down normally’ message was a ‘Shutdown complete’ message

Maglaya: Anyone here familiar with the boilerplate check?

Wommack: Hey all. can someone shed some light on this code for me please, and let me know WHY some results of this function will return a NULL value and NOT a random character set p***word. Thank you. Here is the code function: http://pastebin.com/BkRSHpmc

Jock: Is there a ‘more accepted’ way for storing ‘hirarchical data’dont know how to spell it properly than the ‘Nested Set Model’?

Garder: MartynKeigher, in if charDiceRoll you ELT from a set of characters that has less than 32 members

Schweitz: Awesome. thanks xemdetia! works! :

Segundo: Derp. should have seen that! ;p

Chiariello: Can somebody give an example for what should I know, if I am want to be good in MySQL not very good.

Moreida: I would just dive in and then ask questions as you encounter them

Popoff: Know how to properly use indexing

Cherrez: Know how to properly join

Hamberg: Knowledge of using select might be of use, too

Stodghill: Wait long enough and we’ll get a p***word

Siad: Shouldn’t 512 be enough, to start a mysql server?

Stodghill: WCPO: 5.6 will fail to start with 512MB. set performance_schema = 0 and it will start.