Username/p***word are ok,.

Clyatt: Pixelgrid: You can get duplicates and in your case it will make it impossible to use the select from the factoid

Clyatt: Pixelgrid: According to theory each and every table must have primary key. In practice there are rare cases when it is fine to not have one like with table storing logs, but these cases are very limited

Alquicira: Salle: i cant agree with you more

Scroggy: I will have to filter it in the backend for now

Straugh: After the query is done

Summar: Salle: That doesn’t show how to do it at runtime

Witten: I *don’t* want to restart the server/

Clyatt: Bracki: The manual quite explicitly tells you it can not be done without restarting the server. What you want doesn’t matter much

Vesper: Where does it say that?

Clyatt: Bracki: Third sentence at the very top

Clyatt: Bracki: If you care to read about performance_schema variable you will see there too

Clyatt: Bracki: Dynamic Variable No means exactly that: It can not be modified without restart.

Whitling: Salle: Cool. thanks for the heads up.

Silis: I have a problem i can’t seem to fix on my own

Galauiz: I want to copy a field from one table to another

Poggi: I have to check if the value isn’t already in te second table

Billiar: Bc it has to be a unique value in the second table

Kolarik: Insert into on duplicate key ?

Rumery: And what happens if it already exists? or more what you want to happen

Wolle: If it alreay exists there’s no need to copy it

Rumery: Then insert . on duplicate key update and update changing nothing as Dehner suggested is a good way, another one would be insert ignore in your case

Sillitoe: Ow, i guess i didn’t see Dehner’s comment

Imig: Does UPDATE foo set bar=bar; fire on update triggers?

Imig: I.e. does it fire even when no data changes?

Rumery: Never sure about that one. it finds the row but does not update by the usual output message matched X, changed 0, so I would guess NO, but better test it – it might fire only BEFORE update one for instance – it might change the bar value to something else and then the update might happen

Sabagh: Anyone know if i can get 5.6 client compiled with readline?

Sabagh: The hacks to fix ctrl-w don’t really work

Sabagh: Ctrl-w works, but ctrl-y after deleting several words only pasts the last word to be deleted, which is a pita

Sabagh: I tried to compile it myself, but I think I ran into this:

Sabagh: Hmm. I guess I should try the patch

Sabagh: Https:// # readline is no longer used in MySQL. # Uh?

Stalter: Sabagh: you can use rlwrap.

Stalter: Use mariadb client then :

Stalter: It works with 5.6 and has readline

Stalter: Clients are quite agnostic because mysql protocol doesn’t change

Stalter: Or use

Sabagh: Tanj: thanks for tips

Rumery: Tanj, did you try mycli? I noticed it a bit late on kickstarter I think, seemed like a good idea

Nicolay: Mariuscc, you have api.myhost.local for 2 different mysql instances?

Nicolay: Edit /etc/hosts if its defined in there

Kosiba: Well, I need it there.

Dituri: It’s not for 2 different mysql instances

Bisher: It’s just defined api.myhost.local

Nicolay: So whats the problem? it looks as though your username or p***word is incorrect or your IP isnt allowed to connect

Demus: Mariuscc: See

Caneles: Username/p***word are ok, because I can connect from console