The question; i guess the.

Decoux: SmashingX: it’s in the command I gave you.

Milovich: Kummerow, thanks, but what’s not supported? the upgrade path or 5.6? or just i upgrade 5.1 to 5.5 and then to 5.6?

Kummerow: What’s not supported is 5.1 directly to 5.6, and in general you are “supposed” to dump and reload between major versions.

Buitrago: Can you tell me which one is it?

Hang: Obviously I don’t know which one is it

Decoux: SmashingX: the last one in that statement.

Lindsey: Kummerow, thanks brother, i will dump and then reload the dbs

Kummerow: If you can, it’s safest, etc.

Decoux: Domas: reminds me of the php API

Decoux: You’re very welcome, SmashingX

Decoux: Bachinski: it’s the same user who gets offended when asked why he’s trying to do something silly

Bachinski: Decoux: no surprises there

Martowski: This alter table statement gets me a Niedzwiedzki error trying to remove a column named “from”

Detlefs: Alter table press_releases drop column from

Cech: Mices: Use around identifiers database/table/column/alias names and ‘ around strings and dates. MySQL does allow ” for strings, but ANSI standard uses ” for identifiers which you can enable with ANSI QUOTES option.

Reek: Hello can any one help with this query please ?

Felipa: Mices: See

Donohve: Rocktop: Don’t ask us “What’s wrong with this query.”. We are not SQL p****rs. We do not care to look character by character looking for errors when MySQL will tell all of us WHERE the error is. Paste the FULL error issued by MySQL.

Ortenzio: ERROR 1064 42000: You have an error in your SQL Niedzwiedzki; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right Niedzwiedzki to use near ‘from’ at line 1

Decoux: Rocktop: why are you using the HAVING clause?

Kong: Kummerow: yes sorry the problem is taking the time to excute I have pastbin the EXPLAIN and the SHOW CREATE TABLE

Decoux: Rocktop: also, your index on that column won’t help with NOT LIKE .

Decoux: Rocktop: you’ll scan the entire table 630k rows either way.

Maeda: Decoux: so that is normal ?

Decoux: Rocktop: you can’t use an index with that logic, yes.

Fansler: How can select query a return 70,000 rows, and select query b reutrn 70,000 rows, but query a UNION query b returns 14,000 rows? should be 142,000 rows?

Decoux: Fansler: UNION removes duplicate rows, unless you use UNION ALL

Fansler: Decoux: Thank you! Doh.

Decoux: Rocktop: and you should really stop abusing the HAVING clause as such

Breuer: I’m trying to arrange a table made up of foregin keys from two other tables, ordered so that they IDs match up user and project

Dirico: Basically, two tables,each with an ID column, and a third table of the two ID columns aligned so they match up user/project

Ehrke: But I’m not sure how to make them order up properly. Or really what I’m doing at all.

Stricker: Trying to set up a table, referencing the PKeys of two other tables, that arranges them so that the user ID and the project ID line up

Cheese: Table a has users and user info, table B has projects and project info, table C should have userID:projectID

Powskey: Not sure if nobody’s talking, or I’m just not seeing it. Did i register wrong, or is it just quiet?

Goldinger: How do you back up a mysql db?

Hayball: Yoo guys. probably a simple question for the most of you. i’m adding ip ranges to my database. to make sure 2 ip ranges don’t clash with eachother i’d like to use something like ‘between’ argument. so i will get something like SELECT * FROM ip_ranges WHERE ip_range_start BETWEEN ‘’ AND ‘’

Spierling: The question; i guess the between argument only works on integers and dates?