Strathman: did you try.

Darlington: It’s a bad idea to use the 5.6 version of mysqldump to dump a 5.0 server

Toms: I’m not, I’m using mysqldump on a 5.6 server, connecting to 5.0, then importing to 5.6

Vanmatre: Well, nothing wrong with the Niedzwiedzki you have shown there

Jokela: So you’re saying mysql hates me, I get it!

Seeds: But you still shouldn’t import a mysql.user from 5.0 into 5.6; the format has changed

Million: I’m writing a script to convert mysql.user from 5.6 to 5.6 for a client/blog post

Deason: Ashleyhindle: use pt-show-grants

Matzek: Thanks Deason I’ll look, never heard of that before

Deason: Ashleyhindle: your result will be DCL rather than DML, which is portable

Orta: I’ve never seen BN before

Rhoe: Thanks Deason/snoyes, I’ll gander!

Deason: Ashleyhindle: also, mysql_upgrade

Propst: If you want that bit to make something you can import, append this: sed “s/$/;/”

Petch: Would mysql_upgrade work from 5.0 to 5.6?

Adamsky: And I can’t upgrade 5.0 to 5.6, 5.6 is a separate server

Taschereau: You can import a 5.0 version of mysql.user into a 5.6 server, then run mysql_upgrade and it will fix the missing columns

Bernsen: But that supposed that you have the dump dropping and recreating the table in the old format, which yours doesn’t

Kibbler: So instead you’re likely to get something about wrong number of columns, unless you’re using complete inserts

Tunks: Yea, that’s what I tried to do, got wrong columns, found the 6 column difference then using sed to modify the dump to import

Elfenbein: But show grants for is so much better

Venezia: The grant/revoke system is one of the most hated things about mysql

Venezia: While it’ll work here for a one-off, if you’re writing a tool, make it smart about columns and use the tables + flush

Plotts: This is only a one off, but glad I learnt something new

Deason: Dave_s: i’m not sure.

Deason: Dave_s:

Deason: Dave_s: key_len increased in explain but index_length in table status and values in INNODB_BUFFER_PAGE did not. i am pretty sure this is free

Deason: As i originally guessed, based on that link i sent

Hohl: How could I modify this query so that the ORDER BY happens before the GROUP BY?

Decoux: Daverich: ORDER BY is always done after GROUP BY.

Hewatt: So are two queries needed then?

Moury: Daverich:

Gubala: Is there some webpage that has a good beginner breakdown of the different index types?

Strathman: TheQuack45:

Hesterman: Gidwani: I’m trying to understand which I should be using for my current setup INDEX or PRIMARY and how they work in general but I’ll see if this video wroks

Smolenski: TheQuack45:

Huffmaster: I think its covered there.

Miramontes: Danblack: I’ll take a look, thanks

Hashimoto: Deason:

Strathman: As soon as I write queries in something that’s not MySQL I forgot how awesome GROUP_CONCAT is

Deason: Strathman: and then you use GROUP_CONCAT and forget about max len

Strathman: The SQL server solution to mimic group_concat is especially hilarious:

Deason: Strathman: did you try STUFF some linked solution in a duplicate question