Snoyes: Why have you moved.

Kuester: Does 5.5 utilize more threads/CPUs with default values?

Boardwine: Im thinking that’s where my problem exists

Dubill: Danfield: if those changes aint successfull for whatever reason can I undo them and will the server after new restart of dbserver fallback to what it is/was befor the changes?

Seabreeze: Wasn’t there a tool for tuning mysql?

Danfield: 13:25 Scott0_ I only gave it 6.4GB of the server’s 8GB RAM — has no meaning

Danfield: Scott0_: which ram configuration settings did you set to what? there is no global one

Danfield: Scott0_: some apply to myisam, some apply to innodb

Hilles: Hey guys, is there a way to disable escape characters when inserting a string into a TEXT column?

Petross: Keiter: Danfield: it’s a little messy

Bunk: Danfield: could you please take a look here for a sec and tell if it is correct?

Ponciano: Keiter: im guessing you still busy?

Liggett: I ran the mysqltuner perl script

Warsham: Keiter:

Burdman: Is there some guiding principle as to when to use FKs and when not to?

Schiffert: Cryp71c: yeah, the guiding principle is “don’t use FK constraints”

Baldivia: I did once. never again.

Pomfret: Is this correct to do/use?

Vanvliet: Mysql workbench creates them by default, but you can set them to not show up in the sql changes

Schiffert: _Zodiac: you can use shorthand for buffer sizes. innodb_buffer_pool_size=124M for example

Schiffert: _Zodiac: i would argue that default-storage-engine=myisam is an error. why aren’t you using innodb?

Tooke: Kolbe, wait.seriously? I’ve always heard them eschewed as a good thing?

Buchann: Kolbe: the settings as they are I think are done by the server? I never have add/edit any to that file it is our vps and they asked me to make changes to the db as shown

Schiffert: Cryp71c: you must not spend very much time in here :

Schiffert: Cryp71c: they cause locking and performance problems, for one thing

Schiffert: Cryp71c: theoretically they are delightful, but most things delightful in theory have a more complicated existence in reality

Galicinao: Kolbe: I better delete that line or change it to innodb?

Harns: Brittman: a malfunctioning form of blackhole engine that sometimes accidentally stores data.

Gaffigan: Is changing that setting will mess with running/active databases?

Brittman: It will affect newly created tables that do not specify the engine explicitly

Brittman: Make sure innodb isn’t broken first, with: show engine innodb statusG

Brittman: If there is a bunch of info, innodb is working

Yuro: Brittman: okay!, dinner is calling here but will be back with results, I want to thank you for this helping hand already!

Gougis: Keiter: are you back?

Keiter: Scott0_: sorry, not really. Fires to put out.

Dudley: Keiter: understand, don’t forget me 😛

Broe: Hello why in this code I dont get all the seasons. Maybe I should say the two other tables are empty

Willaimson: Motaka3: whitespace is your friend.

Goldsmith: Snoyes:

Duerkson: The inner join destroys the magic of the right outer join

Saban: If you did, FROM eps INNER JOIN eptp ON. RIGHT JOIN seasons ON. then it would work

Perret: But the WHERE bit will break it again

Wable: So you’d also have to move that condition to the ON clause.

Brunzel: Snoyes: I should have guessed

Schmeidler: Http:// for example

Fisette: Snoyes: Why have you moved RIGHT JOIN seasons to the last ?