SmashingX: If you can’t.

Krise: Salle: what is it generated by, InnoDB?

Keiter: SmashingX: why do you think you don’t need a join?

Correl: SmashingX: Joins in SQL are like steering wheel for car driving

Wortham: I don’t know that’s why Im asking here thumbs

Keiter: SmashingX: use a join.

Correl: SmashingX: Would you ask if you need to know what steering wheel is and why would you use it when you want to drive your car around?

Kirschner: My question would be why would I need a join?

Correl: SmashingX: Because you need it

Keiter: SmashingX: because it’s the simplest solution to solve your problem.

Correl: SmashingX: Because join is the natural way to do what you want to do with your three tables

Regulus: The last time I asked something and I just followed directions and I *****ed up they told me “why didn’t you try to understand the solution instead of just doing what they tell you to do” now, it seems like I don’t have a choice

Abilez: But if I ask more is like “you just need to do it”

Keiter: SmashingX: ok. Read about joins. Understands what joins do. Better?

Correl: SmashingX: You have to understand joins in order to use them

Madine: Can i not install mysql on centos7 at all?

Madine: All the docs say to use mariadb

Nietfeldt: No, I know what joins are

Madine: I’m nervous about that

Keiter: Rakm: you can probably find a package somewhere.

Keiter: SmashingX: are you sure?

Correl: Rakm: MariaDB replaces MySQL so it provides mysql too

Keiter: SmashingX: I’m not sure.

Keiter: SmashingX: read about joins.

Madine: Existing databases will continue to work?

Morrell: Keiter: I already did

Keiter: Rakm: yes, it’s compatible with Oracle MySQL

Correl: SmashingX: If you know what joins are you wouldn’t ask such questions :

Edde: Rakm: I recently switched from MySQL to MariaDB with a database with 400 tables and had 0 problems – it “just worked”

Keiter: SmashingX: if you knew what joins were, you wouldn’t ask your questions.

Madine: Aeiou that’s encouraging

Madine: Aeiou what was your switch process

Correl: Rakm: If you are installing new CentOS there are no existing databases :

Buie: Mysqldump, pv file.sql mysql database_name

Osbourne: Here:

Sabataso: That’s what joins are

Klaphake: Rakm: literally that simple

Keiter: SmashingX: so now do you understand how joins can help you solve your problems?

Correl: SmashingX: That you can copy some URLs does not mean you understand them

Briguglio: Rakm: i had the same concerns you’re having – but when we ran in production there were 0 issues

Lambeth: Salle: well, it’s pretty basic

Benya: Rakm: it’s a PHP ecommerce platform, which has a pretty crazy database – and had no issues

Correl: Rakm: Depending on what MySQL version you have you might not need to dump and reimport anything

Keiter: And MariaDB has tons of new useful stuff Oracle doesn’t.

Correl: SmashingX: Yes pretty basic and your question is pretty basic too

Keiter: SmashingX: yes, it is.

Madine: Salle i’m setting up ansible scripts for what we already have and doing it against centos7 instead of EL6.6 that we use in prod right now

Correl: SmashingX: If you understand joins you know how to answer your question

Carrano: Rakm: ha ha ha – that is exactly what I did and why i chose mariadb :-

Correl: SmashingX: If you can’t answer your own question that proves you don’t understand the very basics of the joins