Sly01: do you have a.

Steinworth: How would I use join left on those two queries?

Lacz: Where $$$ target_id is the id from transactions

Esteban: So is there a way to say “write everything to a binlog” for data loss reasons and do write a second/separate log only for database Y. And only that second log will be available for replication?

Stright: Select,, identifier, created_at from transactions left join log_items on = where.

Heenan: Testerde_: set up your own slave with log-slave-updates and binlog-do-db=Y.

Heffern: Then the first master logs everything, and this slave/master logs only Y.

Wasurick: Hrhr, snoyes that’s a nice solution

Cassiday: And you can even set the tables on Y to use the BLACKHOLE engine so you don’t take up storage space, if you want.

Gottula: ERROR 1052 23000: Column ‘id’ in field list is ambiguous

Balash: Prefix it with tablename.

Bernucho: Snoyes: Thanks for your help and clarification. I’d just ask that dumb as I needed to show my boss that a replication user is totally bull**** in terms of privacy 😀

Kabir: Snoyes:

Szczepanik: Can you paste me full query?

Galves: Hi i’m looking for a way to match a call based on longest matching prefix to pricelist. I found a couple of solutions on the net. But both are very slow because of the way they do it and it’s impossible to use indexes.

Bolser: Is there someone that know a elegant way that has a blog about it

Nemeth: Ponsjuh: try SELECT price FROM table WHERE prefix IN ‘8’, ’80’, ‘800’, ‘8001’, ‘80012’, ‘800123’ ORDER BY LENGTHprefix DESC LIMIT 1

Hoel: Yes but the destination number is different everytime. so record 1 is 316123 which resulst in 3, 31,316,3161,31612,316123 and then 3188123 3, 31,318,3188,31881,318812, 3188123

Haik: How to solve that problem

Moosman: Ponsjuh: generate that list dynamically

Rapkin: That’s a no go : because it’s way to slow

Consuegra: Naktibalda: put all prefixes of the full number that you are searching for into IN list

Rathmann: Ponsjuh: put all prefixes of the full number that you are searching for into IN list

Vanbebber: There is no faster way

Yarrington: I’ll give it a try ty

Honold: How can i force mysql make inserts on bit1 fields as ‘1’. without the need of the letter b, as: b’1′ or b’0′, is it possible? maybe in a newer version?

Francoise: Verodeb: It works if you insert 1. It fails if you insert ‘1’.

Vicari: I got mysql on redhat 5.5 and I want to upgrade my operating system to redhat 6.7 but there is non dist upgrade between redhat 5 and 6. Then I will do clean install but how i am going to carry all mysql

Guillot: I have idea like this

Varieur: Verodeb: why are you quoting numbers?

Engfer: I will tar my datadir and my my.cnf then unzip in the new host

Weiher: Sly01: yes, if you make sure that mysql is shut down first.

Sawaya: All data and privileges can be carried like this right ?

Leitao: Ok is there any other place for mysql config

Binker: Or just my.cnf is enough ?

Dynes: Mysql will read from a bunch of possible places unless you specify –defaults-file=my.cnf

Timbs: What about while closing database if lock tables exist

Mccalvin: Hello all. Given a table with latitude, longitude, radius columns does anyone know a way to SELECT all rows within a given lat, long, radius?

Lingley: Hm page 8 here seems to help:

Wekenborg: Hey snoyer are you there ?

Abeln: Narcos: you can also use spatial indexes to accomplish that task, but only in MyISAM tables until 5.7

Tabatabai: Sly01: do you have a question?