Creglow: Salle, maybe I should think about applying to some kind of cert one day

Swed: Will have to do some testing :

Correl: I added a clue there:

Correl: By the way this is 100% standard compliant. Not MySQL specific

Correl: It is mysql specific though

Aasby: No_gravity:!9/4b7a9/3

Hance: Salle, it’s like null values are all aggregated

Pait: Amazing what a small stucture change does. good hint salle

Correl: Danblack: I didn’t suggest any change, but I agree having category in both tables doesn’t look right

Correl: Wrksx: Another attempt?

Grinter: Nulls aren’t really a value so is only counted once ever.

Kuni: Danblack: the products table having a sort field does not work here. in real life, there are many “cola” and “porsche” etc in that table. the sorting needs to be defined in the info table.

Swed: Ok, my mariadb 10 gives different results, is it supposed to be some specific table definition or just not reproducible there?

Mcinerney: Swed, go ask #mariaDB

Correl: Swed: MariaDB here too

Correl: Swed: It is extremely simple and that’s what makes it so nasty

Swed: Salle, tried memory engine, unique key, prefix key. :

Correl: Swed: Hint: There’s reason I didn’t put it on sqlfiddle

Cecala: Wouldn’t work on sqlFiddle ?

Schwenk: Or would reveal stuff that makes it easy to find out ?

Swed: The “4.0 times” is another one, but does not ring the bell yet

Correl: Swed: Not really. Nothing changed in regard of this tricky question

Correl: It is not tricky at all if you spend enough time at mysql prompt

Correl: Wrksx: Good questions so far

Swed: I am trying myisam as in 4.0 innodb was experimental or not present? :

Correl: Swed: Engine doesn’t matter

Correl: Swed: InnoDB was introduced in late 3.23

Correl: Http://

Correl: Wrksx: Look again at the last SELECT at It tells everything

Swed: Salle, and is it meaningful that it is a text/varchar column or would it work with int too?

Correl: Swed: INT can’t be ‘foo’

Correl: Let me include the table definition

Swed: Salle, but the null handling :

Fadely: Salle, would it behave the same with 1M of null rows ?

Correl: Http://

Correl: Wrksx: Wrong question

Desisles: Salle, lol you can’t say this ! only answers can be right or wrong

Fajardo: There’s only 2 rows in the table ?

Correl: Wrksx: Clearly 3 rows

Tillotson: Salle, I’m goin to try it out locally

Ewin: Can’t believe dat ****

Swed: My results

Correl: Wrksx: Your last question went into wrong direction. Your previous questions were very close

Correl: Swed: It seems you got it :

Servano: Salle, actually I never used sqlfilddle so Idk what could be revealed from there

Swed: Salle, I did fixate too much on the possibility of some weird table definition, so it took me too long looking at my CLI :

Correl: Wrksx: In sqlfiddle you have to CREATE TABLEs and INSERT some data

Miesner: Anything to do with ‘foo’ ‘foo ‘ ?

Swed: Wrksx, no, but that same idea got me closer

Swed: I can think of a coworker who would be able to “prepare” that surprise unknowingly.

Correl: Wrksx: Rememeber I said it is mysql specific. mysql as in mysql CLI

Rosseau: SELECT SUMLENGTHf1 FROM temp ; – 7