Salle: the blog post you.

Winfield: 7GHAA8NOX:

Widjaja: Salle: Lol, that shouldn’t be my username xD i’m Sylvian,

Drape: Salle: but if i add a name it’s complaining about the delimiter at line 1

Correl: 7GHAA8NOX: HEX or something?

Christal: Salle: oh well yeah this table isn’t normalised because of 1 big reason :

Correl: 7GHAA8NOX: Why procedure for simple UPDATE?

Coonfare: Salle: well,, i think i spoken to you before about the time scheduler. I’m using a mysql database for completely base of my domotica system. So users could easily create procedures which will be all triggered when some new event happend if the temperature is changed or if a PIR changed oid. The reason that the table isn’t normalised is because i’m using atm 40 different sensors/actuators and it’s growing. Every sensor/actuator requires other da

Cristina: Hey — quick beginner question, how common is procedures ? Im thinking about ditching most of my queries if there is no big downsides.

Correl: Lucyfx: With MySQL you better stay away from stored procedures as long as possible

Starmer: Salle: lol, yeah why? ;p

Maglioli: Can you tell the biggest ones? :p

Spilde: Salle: but could u please help me with creating the procedure? I’m looking in the manual and i’m doing exactly the same

Correl: Lucyfx: Some

Correl: 7GHAA8NOX: What you describe sounds so insane that I would not want to even hear about it

Correl: 7GHAA8NOX: Users creating their own procedures .

Gailes: Salle: well. multiple triggers isn’t possible in mysql 5.6 so i’m doing it on this way xD

Karadimas: What if I have a persistent database connection, that never closes, is procedures better option then?

Shuptrine: A long running process with a single connection, for example

Mccredie: It currently looks like procedures are better if I will be executing multiple calls on a single connection over a long time, would you still not use them in this case?

Correl: Lucyfx: Difficult to debug and maintain your code

Correl: 7GHAA8NOX: Multiple triggers for same action are another insane idea

Correl: 7GHAA8NOX: If you need triggers at all

Correl: Lucyfx: By the way GROUP_CONCAT will not work in your case if there are lot of days

Balog: Salle: well, it’s working like a charm. The main system is, for example, when i push the button of my shutter to up on the web-application, a “2” will be set in the data column of the shutter and a udp package will be send to the node who is controlling the shutter. When the node receive the udp package it says “he somethings changed in the database”, check it and turns the shutter up.

Hojczyk: Salle: A automatic log log automaticly all extentions to a log-table, where i can simply create some graph or other sum things from. And that with pure mysql is great and simple

Fulp: Salle: maybe not where it should be used for but it’s working and it’s working very fast and stable. Also every domotica controllet thing raspberry pi, arduino, bananapi, just call it with ethernet could use the database so ANY device is supported

Correl: Lucyfx: By the way if you want “last 2 ranks by date” your approach with dependent subqueries is faster with latest MariaDB and MySQL so I wasn’t right most of the time : Initilly I thought you want top_2 ranks

Boughman: Salle: did you mean that for me?

Butzer: Salle, what is that about?

Riccardo: Lucyfx: By the way GROUP_CONCAT will not work in your case if there are lot of days

Maese: Salle: so if I have a long running process with a single database connection, procedures will be faster than queries, is this correct?

Correl: Lucid: Yes that was for you. Got tricked by my xchat nick completion

Correl: Lucid: Here it goes:

Wendy: Salle: the blog post you linked talked about how they get cached every time etc., I ***umed there’d be SOME benefit to procedures