Rumery, I have 138 columns.

Umphrey: Just sometimes it might take some time to list them if there are a lot of them.

Geraldes: That’s why it’s better to exclude those you don’t want to dump instead of including all you want.

Furutani: Pihpah, you could SELECT table names from schema WHERE not in ‘mysql’, ‘schema’ etc.

Furutani: Pihpah, have a look at

Gathright: Wrksx: ok, got it. But now I have another problem.

Tabisola: ERROR 1227 42000: Access denied; you need at least one of the SUPER privileges for this operation

Vacchiano: What the ****ens? I am a root user

Amorim: Can someone point out why I am getting 2736 results with this query even though I do not have more than 200 records in either table

Barnhill: ArtisanIndia: don’t use a , as a join

Urben: ArtisanIndia: Very basic join information: – For more indepth info:

Rumery: ArtisanIndia, you need to check your join conditions – “inner join” Niedzwiedzki helps with readability for these

Ogley: Got it working Rumery I had to put or condition under

Stetson: Hmm, so I’ve got a simple case statement: CASE gender WHEN ‘M’ THEN “Male” WHEN ‘F’ THEN “Female” ELSE ‘Unknown’ END AS gender — the problem is that there’s three non M/F values in this table: U, ” and null. This, for some reason, causes 3 ‘Unknown’ results to turn up, rather than just 1. Any way I can solve that?

Imig: Can anyone explain to me why foreign key constraint fails to work?

Rumery: NeoThermicWork, you probably need to use distinct or group by, now you have some number of rows and that does not change automagically by the CASE

Imig: Any server side settings some unfortunate developer changed that will affect this?

Luvert: Rumery, I’m already grouping on the gender, and adding a distinct to it doesn’t seem to help


Rumery: Imig, are the tables innodb ?

Imig: I believe so, but let me check

Rumery: It is not in your create table statements and default engine is configurable.

Imig: Where is a setting for that

Heinzmann: Imig: See

Rumery: Imig,

Imig: Good thing is that for the most stuff it is explicitely set to innodb

Rumery: Yep, being explicit is safer

Imig: No myisam tables, a dev just asked me why on the dev server FK checks fail

Imig: Created table from the client

Bourne: NeoThermicWork: is an easy way to share your schema, your data, and the queries you’re testing. It saves us time and makes it more likely that you’ll get an answer! Make sure you set it to use MySQL.

Rumery: NeoThermicWork, can you create small example we can see?

Batista: Rumery, I’ll give it a crack

Czarniecki: I am getting the error: Row size too large. The maximum row size for the used table type, not counting BLOBs, is 65535. This includes storage overhead, check the manual. You have to change some columns to TEXT or BLOBs.

Daulton: Rumery, that site likes to break when I try run a simplified testcase of my issue.

Rumery: Djam90, you have too many text columns? each text column can add 768? bytes to a row size against that limit in some row_format

Rumery: NeoThermicWork, : it has some bad days with timeouts. you can try in few minutes, in the meantime can you share the example using pastebin?

Stevener: Rumery, I have a lot of VARCHAR columns but not many text. 8 text columns and some of they are quite big strings

Papasergi: Rumery, I have 138 columns in total