Ok, so /tmp isnt on that.

Hasha: Jx, “use dbname” – you maybe define the db directly in php connection so that may differ

Laviola: I’m supposedly defining it in the connection, but I have no doubt that could have been done wrong to. Like I said, I’m learning, and when rrors arise, I’m the first, second, and fourth suspect.

Grodi: Jkavalik: Is there a functional difference between fieldname and ‘fieldname?

Fulco: Jx: Use around identifiers database/table/column/alias names and ‘ around strings and dates. MySQL does allow ” for strings, but ANSI standard uses ” for identifiers which you can enable with ANSI QUOTES option.

Whiston: Ubiquity_bot: Let me try that.

Demartino: When I create temporary table and then table with the same name, how to access real table and not temp one?

Alvacado: Let’s say my query has huge data and I dont want tested selects.

Falgout: To state the obvious. don’t create a tmp table with the same name as a real table

Czysz: Jkavalik: LOL, didn’t notice until now I replied to a bot. However, yoru help got me getting data IN, so progress.

Heximer: OneSploit: Drop the temporary table and you will be able to access the original one again

Whisenant: Jkavalik: You were a huge help, I see other errors now, and that’s useful. jkavalik++

Grammes: Jx, you are welcome; yep, seeing errors is much better than just silently not working

Heximer: Jkavalik: There is no way statement will fail silently if there is missing ‘

Borgert: Salle, not in mysql, but it was probably php error

Pals: Or not checking for errors?

Heximer: Jkavalik: I’d say not checking for errors

Gelen: Oh, they already left. I missed the statement about it failing silently in CLI too – it did not execute at all

Heximer: Jkavalik: Which is what I don’t trust :

Trometter: Salle, the ‘ prompt should be a big enough hint

Eaglen: Mysql won’t let you rename a database that has triggers? D:

Eaglen: Is there a way round this?

Eaglen: Wait I found a way round it

Stringham: You can’t rename a database

Baird: Hi, I’m not familiar with mysql and got an issue I think due to a server crash. T get

Lidey: ERROR 126 HY000 at line 1: Incorrect key file for table ‘/tmp/#sql_62f6_0.MYI’; try to repair it

Wetz: On the next try the 62f6_0 part will change.

Ako: It is a temporary table

Carreira: What are you trying to do?

Zalazar: I have to stop mysql and restart it due to the lack of resources malloc errors when upgrading the weak system with apt-get. Otherwise apt-get will get out of memory.

Heximer: Eaglen: MySQL won’t let you rename database regardless of triggers

Joncas: On the start I now get those errors.

Heximer: Floogy: Check if you have enough disk space in /tmp

Heximer: Floogy: Modern distros use memory fs for /tmp and it is easy to use all of it

Pearyer: Salle. I didn’t had, but I removed some cache file and ran apt-get clean.

Heximer: Floogy: You can set tmpdir=something_else in your my.cnf or appropriate /etc/my.cnf.d file

Heximer: Floogy: Don’t run apt-get

Heximer: Floogy: Reinstalling MySQL almost never helps with anything

Malekan: Ah, you’re right, salle: df -h /tmp – overflow 1,0M 32K 992K 4% /tmp

Heximer: Floogy: These files are temporary table used by some query and they might need hundreds of MB and even GB if the query wasn’t optimized well

Heximer: Floogy: You can run apt-get clean hundreds of times, but it will not help at all with this :

Kirchman: Salle, no. It was a normal dist-upgrade to update the system. But due to lack of resources I really have to switch to a new server I have to stop munin, and mysql for that task. I wouldn’t reinstall mysql.

Eledge: Ok, so /tmp isnt on that mountpoint.