Ok it returns the name and.

Quintal: Plauclair: It’s easier if you look at the raw data to see what should match each term.

Mehring: I have and it’s supposed to match. that’s the thing

Whiter: The first has 11 results, those 11 results are all in the second set, but the second set has a few more too

Duffy: Plauclair: What you think should happen is really not important. Just look at the data and determine what does match.

Lampson: Xgc: what would determine an intersection on the results?

Catlow: Plauclair: I think you’re mistaken. You forget that the result that matches tt.taxonomy LIKE ‘author’ is not going to match tt.taxonomy LIKE ‘portal’

Shidel: Plauclair: Don’t use LIKE there either. Just use =

Contreros: Plauclair: The first criteria is obviously not going to match the second.

Johngrass: Yes that’s expected

Totin: Plauclair: tt.taxonomy = ‘author’ can not match tt.taxonomy = ‘portal’

Dillashaw: Plauclair: There’s no way that one row matches both.

Wineberg: Plauclair: Are you trying to use aggregation without the right logic?

Elsbree: So it’s trying to match woth terms.name on both for both right?

Tyms: Plauclair: When dealing with tags, you need to group the result and then see if both tags values are in each group.

Avery: Plauclair: It’s fundamentally an aggregation issue.

Turbiner: Plauclair: You can use GROUP BY and HAVING to do this. There are other approaches.

Kanakares: Thanks that’s very helpful

Mallis: I’ve been spoiled by ORMs and I’m at a total loss writing those things it seems :

Willer: Ugh, ty Xgc — too many meetings interspersed with coding lately

Kittell: I have a volumn question about performance id like to run past you guys.

Ludemann: I am very tempted to benchmark this but it falls under the update vs delete + insert

Woiwode: If you have 100000 updates is that more expensive than 100 deletes and 200 inserts.

Banbury: Cause thats what im working with

Rody: Which data type supports values like ‘887.236842105263’? i’m using float and the number is being cut off

Danfield: Rody: look at DECIMAL

Rody: Danfield: will do, thanks

Retter: Rody: See http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.6/en/data-types.html

Rody: I tried double as well

Rody: Will look into decimal

Keiter: Rody: don’t use double or float.

Buris: Any way to make a trigger send a message to a message broker maybe rabitmq, I have been reading about UDF and there is a HTTP UDF, but I dont find a way to send a POST with a authentication header with that library. any ideas about this subject?

Mcgettigan: Or at least to my NodeJS server and them I will save to rabbitmq, that is what I was thinking with the POST request

Vankeuren: Hi, I am having issues backing up a database as root, one of the views is returning the following error: ERROR 1356 HY000: View ‘databasename.view_name’ references invalid tables or columns or functions or definer/invoker of view lack rights to use them.

Burgy: Root has all privileges

Dambach: Wyoung: Run SHOW CREATE TABLE on the view and see if it references a table that doesn’t exist or if the DEFINER in the view doesn’t exist. The error is self explanatory

Rodick: Dambach: I run SHOW CREATE TABLE on the views and it returns the above error

Loosli: I am root so it isn’t lack of rights, I have no idea what the view references as I cannot list how the view was created

Dambach: Run grep -i definer on the view .frm in your datadir

Rettig: Dambach: that didn’t return anything

Bejaran: Oops, nm, I did it on the wrong view file :

Dambach: Time to show the exact commands you’re running in all cases then.

Moree: Ok it returns the name and the IP address