Kaushal, well, the query I.

Lushbaugh: Also i’m not sure permissions on the created database are mainteind

Jurica: Nuge: Try it and see, its quicker to type it on your system and try it than wait for one of us to tell you its ok

Struyk: I just did – i get an error that the table information_schema doesn’t exist

Philson: Oh. its a database. :

Gauron: This definitely seems involved, and risks other databaes in the system if i’m not careful on my sql – safe to say?

Pele: Nuge: anything is unsafe if you’re being careless

Pele: Just make sure to filter everything by table_schema

Umphrey: Tanj – totally agree – and wouldn’t mean to be careless, just trying to reduce risk I guess. Does deleting the table, views and sprocs handle delating any dependent elements? like maybe triggers and columns?

Pele: There are no dependencies

Pele: You have to cleanup every object manually

Jaques: So constraints, indexes etc would all have to be on my list

Pele: Nuge: indexes are dependent, so they are dropped along with the tables. I was talking about triggers, for example

Koscho: So really this scripting in unecessary because drop database/create database is sufficient and constrained by permissions.

Pele: I agree with danblack above.

Zambito: Quick one guys i’m tidying someones terible database and have a saved DATE in the either of the following formats TINYTEXT where dates look like 05/09/15 and VARCHAR where dates look like sept_5th. I’m not sure why but he had both columns. I’m trying to put them into my new table in %d-%m-%Y but cannot figure out how to do a select and insert converting i guess i need to use something like STR_TO_DATE?

Mortinez: Thanks guys – that helps greatly – i’ll give that a try

Word: Tim79: yes. if is on the same table you can just use and update statement. update tbl set date=str_to_date. where date is null;

Przybylski: Was then trying INSERT into my_new_table match_date SELECT name,title,STR_TO_DATEname, ‘2013’,’%M %d,%Y’ FROM his_old_table

Kollar: Yes he was using “name” as the name version of date

Lasko: All sorted cheers member:danblack

Demeris: Can windows make use of more than 32G of ram ?

Stockholm: Hi. I have subjects with many sub-topics. A teacher can teach multiple subjects and can know multiple sub-topics. How can I have my tables? e.g. Adam knows guitar but teaches spanish, electric, acoustic guitar.

Brege: Wrksx, which version?

Towner: Jkavalik, like win 10 entreprise

Sanz: Does anyone know anything about this error? 1235, “This version of MySQL doesn’t yet support ‘LIMIT & IN/ALL/ANY/SOME subquery'”

Lightsey: I mean, has it been fixed by any new version and I have not updated it?

Bredeweg: Wrksx, not updated for 10, but 8 might be close enough for a quick check https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/desktop/aa366778v=vs.85.aspx#physical_memory_limits_windows_8

Brum: Wrksx, found a table for win10 – http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/insider/wiki/insider_wintp-insider_install/what-are-the-editions-of-windows-10-available/195a4038-c061-4902-bc2b-35922c9d41bc

Giannavola: TikoTakoak_, still present in 5.6 and 5.7 too http://dev.mysql.com/doc/mysql-reslimits-excerpt/5.7/en/subquery-restrictions.html

Kimoto: Is there a way to retrieve exact string using sql select statements? For example “EMERGENCY MEDICINE”?

Heubusch: Jkavalik, oh thank you

Hunn: Kaushal, “select ‘EMERGENCY MEDICINE’;” ;

Major: Jkavalik: do i need to quote it?


Lemone: Kaushal, yes, “string values” need quoting – otherwise mysql would think EMERGENCY is a field/column and MEDICINE is its alias


Serene: Kaushal, well, the query I provided has no way of returning these, so if you have some specific problem/question, ask it – use pastebin/pastie etc to share queries, schema, example data and expected results