If I change the collation.

Clyatt: Tylak: Some of the INT types and store values one per row

Wardwell: Hmmm, interesting. Haven’t used BLOB yet

Karathanasis: Salle: That’s kinda it. but the limit isn’t really doing anything. I want to only look through the past 5 logins

Sprow: Salle: *nod* Depends on where he places that logic.

Monty: How do i export my database table to multiple csv’s based on the column name

Deason: DrkCodeman: select into outfile

Landsaw: Will that do all of them based on the column names?

Deason: DrkCodeman: computers do what you tell them to, generally

Gustavson: Decoux: Sorry, I have no idea about that manual entry.

Wittie: Reading into iti mgriffin

Venezia: There’s no way to do it in one p*** from inside mysql, though, if that’s what you’re looking for.

Venezia: You could write a quick script to do it, or do multiple p***es

Spickler: There’s, init_connect

Ruge: Oh wait, wrong channel

Venezia: Set global init_connect=’select “output to a bunch of files, jerk!”‘;

Purvis: Starting a server with: mysqld –bootstrap –datadir=. –basedir=. –bind-address= –port=10002

Hatto: But it’s not listening on 10002

Gidwani: Why are you binding localhost?

Schechter: I”m trying to p**** the binlog in python, and inet6_aton is causing issues because it replicates binary and the python cries when it can’t decode it as utf-8

Dwellingham: Is there a way I can make it replicate the function?

Birchler: How do I export data to csv by catagories listed in the column “sic_code_description” from my table “busemail_ca_1formatted”

Bachinski: DrkCodeman: can you write a SELECT query that will return the resultset you want?

Bachinski: DrkCodeman: do that first, then worry about the export

Riccio: Gidwani: I just need a local server for testing

Sagar: Like i want to take everything that has “Abrasive Products” in the column “sic_code_description” to it’s own file

Cruce: DrkCodeman: See http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.6/en/select.html

Bachinski: DrkCodeman: you probably won’t find anyone here to spoonfeed you. show us what you’ve tried and the results in a pastebin

Bachinski: DrkCodeman: or maybe hire someone

Resto: Hi folks, I’m noticing an oc***ional deadlock. This is part of the output from show engine innodb status. http://hastebin.com/vayelegova.vbs

Deason: Theduke: i would be surprised if bootstrap binds a network port and should exit very quickly

Poyner: What would be a fix that makes sense? The quota table and quota_profile have almost no updates. the quota_profile only has selects, the quota table has some selects and some inserts.

Davenport: DrkCodeman: The X-Y problem is when you want to do X, but you don’t know how. You think you can hack X if you can just do Y, but you don’t know how to do Y either. You ask us for help with Y. We think Y is a strange problem to want to solve. So just ask us about X.

Desorcy: Theduke, –bootstrap in the manual says that it is not starting a full mysql server. if that’s the case why would it be listening on anything

Deason: Theduke: anyway, you can also use the unix socket for your dev/test. you should be launching mysqld_safe not mysqld. i would just use a sandbox tool like mysqlsandbox or dbsake

Barranger: Deason, thanks, those changes with the innodb plugin stuff appear to have made a diff, no more growing in times for inserts of batches of 100,000 rows :

Boike: More to read up on now, but happy days so far

Bachinski: Robsco: hey, great news

Stecklair: I have a varbinary16 column that stores ip addresses from inet6_aton — my python script reading from the binlog exits when it hits this due to UnicodeDecodeError: ‘utf8’ codec can’t decode byte 0xae in position 460: invalid start byte

Moriarity: If I change the collation of that column from NULL to utf8_general_ci . will that fix it / is that even safe?