I think I got the idea to.

Kooyman: So you can create a snapshot and write to it

Paduano: But since it COW it won’t modify the original

Hattori: Yep, I had 3 XP VMs that all started from a master copy

Fansher: No im saying I had to reinstall everything on the new one

Wademan: Upgraded the OS, moved from Xen to KVM, upgraded php apache and mysql

Tork: So you are copying the dataset from an old server to a new server that has 5.5 on it?

Chevres: Taking the opportunity to upgrade everything

Jungck: Xen always gets a bad rap :

Bolender: Pedward: sorry, here it is http://pastie.org/10424676

Kalamaras: Linode switched to KvM

Olvedo: Jmss: there isn’t anything in that profile that should cause tcp problems, but perhaps the enforcing mode caused some ancillary problem.

Dockendorf: Network tcp, #allow access to tcp

Kutch: Without inspecting the system logs, it’s tough to pinpoint

Ivey: But, if apparmor is set to complain mode and mysql works, then hooray

Yark: Haven’t seen that in a while

Woodert: Maybe I should uninstall apparmor?

Mcilwaine: I won’t tell you one way or the other, too many zealots on both sides :

Cotham: I prefer without, but I don’t store any sensitive data

Isham: Maybe I got it down? I’ll start it.

Briley: I regularly run as root too! ;

Trucchio: Pedward: i do too, tbh

Mielnicki: I can sudo without a p***word!

Desmarais: There no point in sudo then!

Welchel: Any box with sudo i just use sudo /bin/bash

Gruner: Except it prevents really boneheaded moves

Moatz: I try not to make boneheaded moves

Tannahill: How do I temporarily revert the complaint to enforcing to double check it was the issue?

Genova: Wish there was a sudo for drop tables

Chhabra: I borked my partition table once try to juggle space and convert everything to LVM

Porris: BlaDe: there is, just use a restricted account

Vandale: Old fdisk had a smaller default cylinder gap between partitions

Carillion: I had to hexdump and search for the magic number to find the beginning of the partition

Visocsky: BlaDe: allow all but DROP TABLE

Sea: Still works with enforce

Floore: DROPEnable databases, tables, and views to be dropped. Levels: Global, database, table.

Schwing: Maybe it was the bind address only?

Gualtieri: Jmss: yeah, I suspect apparmor got agitated

Quammen: Jmss: most of the time it is

Ulberg: I’ll reboot, to see if there is not temp setting

Schoenle: Jmss: I didn’t see anything in the apparmor profile that could be that restrictive

Bosarge: It simply said ‘network tcp’, which allows all TCP access

Peckham: But, when you trigger these protective services, they tend to lock everything down

Scarpino: McAffee has a bastard version of SELinux that does the same thing

Tinner: You tickle the right spot and MySQL no longer works, period

Pallet: MontgoDB1: you around?

Brunscheen: Yes, it works with localhost, and after reboot

Elshant: So it was the bind address

Weelborg: Thank you all, it’s been a nice debugging session

Deason: How could AA possibly know packets coming in to 3306 on eg eth0 originated from a local process. still puzzled.

Wadlinger: Shost: I was just gonna say beehive was *****ed, but it’s back now and I see you

Althiser: I think I got the idea to modify bind-address from here https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP or here https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/mysql.html