I mean to each his own. For.

Sliney: Very basic though. update, select, delete, drop & dump; haven’t worked with insert, or concat either

Sliney: I’m still grasping a better understanding of those commands as well

Ceconi: Sliney: Grasp your shell and vim first.

Dannecker: Sliney: and grep, sed, pipes, etc

Sliney: Okay, that probably would be better

Sliney: Instead of diverting my attention in 10 different directions

Derricott: You mean I can really run msyql procedure that outputs mysql statements and pipe that into mysql to run directly? Wow!

Sliney: I know of a bash script my friend has that gets the wp DB connection information and then logs into the database using that information – quite cool really.

Legrande: Sliney: Learn how to breath first or you’ll keep p***ing out before you get anything done.

Sliney: Xgc: Good point and ****ogy.

Sliney: Thanks for the advice, I’m out for today.

Mccalop: Even if you don’t want to pipe it back into mysql directly, surely *copy/paste* is not too high a hurdle to clear!

Decoux: Kolbe: you never know.

Fausto: There is no mouse clickable menu with the “Edit” options of “Copy”, “Cut”, “Paste”. CLI is hard stuff.

Mccalop: But . there is a mouse clickable menu with all of those things 😮

Fausto: I think you have to pay for the full version to get that

Mccalop: Well when i select things in my terminal, i can click the Edit menu and select Copy

Mccalop: That’s been the case i think for every terminal emulator i’ve ever used, but who knows what you crazy kids are up to these days

Fausto: Kolbe: I was being sarcastic

Decoux: Kolbe: well, urxvt doesn’t have those!

Mccalop: Thank goodness i don’t know what that is and don’t use it

Decoux: A great terminal if like need proper unicode support.

Decoux: But it doesn’t have those fancy menus, mind.

Mccalop: Well i just use a mac and don’t have to worry about any of that mess ;

Mccalop: I get my snazzy unicode *and* my fancy menus! yaaay

Decoux: There’s other “heavier” terminals around with unicode and menus – but this is a snappy one.

Decoux: The extra 100ms I save spawning a new terminal matters!

Decoux: Konsole needs the KDE bloat to run, for one.

Mccalop: Oh yeah well you’re still talking about linux desktops, which i don’t know anything about

Fausto: Terminology does some really weird things for a terminal emulator

Fausto: It makes my head hurt

Fausto: Kolbe: https://youtu.be/ibPziLRGvkg

Fausto: Like. thumnails. and playing videos and other weirdness

Fausto: That video sorta sums it up

Mccalop: That video is so ****ty i can’t even tell what is happening, why is it so low qulaity?

Mccalop: Why is the cursor flashing blue like a tragic LSD catastrophe?

Fausto: I didn’t make the video! don’t get mad at me! It does some it up. Just give it a second and you’ll see utter madness

Decoux: I see a panning background. Snow.

Fausto: Stupid ****phone. I meant “sum”, not “some”

Decoux: Nothing like waiting for the screen to refresh as you switch to another view

Mccalop: Fausto: i already closed it when “tyls” caused previews of images to be shown

Mccalop: There are many fantastic graphical file browsers and whatnot to support that

Fausto: Hahaha. fair enough, kolbe

Decoux: And switching internal views reminds my of scrolling through albums with itunes

Fausto: Decoux: I told you it hurts my head

Fausto: I mean to each his own. For the people that like it and find it functional, yay. But this reminds me to the people who wanted to make a BSD version of portage, when portage is based off of ports. “Ok now that I have a desktop and have a terminal emulator in my desktop, I need a terminal emulator that can do what I can do in my desktop”