I forgot that travis.

Leonardis: I just wanted to see if there was a way to do in SQL

Manhardt: Hi folks. the way i’ve always understood it is, in workbench, “duration” means “processing time,’ while “fetch” means how long it takes to transmit the resultset.

Drinkwater: Something is messing with that understanding:

Harpel: I’ve got a badly performing query that i’m trying to tune. with its order by clause, the query has timings of 19.437/0.947–what i would interpret as slow processing, fast transmission

Beschorner: With the order by stripped off, i get a flipflop: 0.483/18.315

Piao: I’m confused because i’d expect identical fetches, because the result sets are the same size

Chamber: Happen to know what’s going on or how my understanding is flawed?

Vidrio: Reading too much from disk probably, use explain

Crow: I’ve been looking at explain, and learning more about it, but i’m still no expert. one minute and i’ll gist something

Vidrio: The second one can be reading from disk at the same time as sending, the first it had to read it before sortind then sending

Deason: Jamiejackson: ssh in, use the mysql client with pager set to cat – /dev/null

Deason: Pager cat – /dev/null

Deason: Select sql_no_cache .

Yearsley: All of our database tables have their collation set to Latin1 right now, but we need to allow multi-byte characters. Will there be any issues if I go through and set all table to UTF-8?

Mun: Here’s a gist. difference in explains is the first row using temporary; using filesort: https://gist.github.com/jamiejackson/3f8246dbca06db736e5f

Boody: Anyone know how i can install mariadb on ubuntu 12.04?

Portier: I usually run the following on ubuntu 14.04, but need it installed on ubuntu 12.04 for travis continuous integration

Rothweiler: Sudo apt-get install mariadb-server mariadb-client; sudo apt-get install python-mysqldb

Kummerow: Http://lmgtfy.com/?q=mariadb+ubuntu+1204+package ?

Scigliano: Deason:i’m just blindly following your instructions, but i ended up with almost identical times 10.98 ordered; 10.83 not ordered. what’s do i make of that?

Murallies: I tried some of those google result solutions

Harbater: Only to get the following errror – https://travis-ci.org/jeff1evesque/machine-learning/builds/79825982

Dumar: Jeffreylevesque:i have mariadb installed as part of my ***rant build

Spargo: I have mariadb install fine in the ***rant build also, but my build is ubuntu 14.04. the travis server is at ubuntu 12.04 :

Mccrimon: Jeffreylevesque: https://gist.github.com/jamiejackson/ea2c3c31936e5e2c504a

Senderling: Jamiejackson: which bash do i run, simplied, or the full one?

Lobianco: I just yanked out the pertinent details from the full one. so use that one. the other one’s for reference, in case i stripped out something important in the simplified.

Oliger: Sorry, i mean use the simplifed.

Ivaska: Full one is for reference

Fallin: Anyone happen to know to where Deason was leading me with the pager cat experiment?

Kinzig: Jamiejackson: sorry to bother: whatabout mariadb client?

Glasbrenner: Jeffreylevesque:i don’t think i have to explicitly install it. i’m using the client right now, but never installed it specifically

Coroniti: In other words, i think the package gets pulled in via its relationship with mariadb-server

Karstetter: I also need to install python-mysqldb connector

Aye: But, maybe i will bug #python

Chumley: Jeffreylevesque: sudo apt-get install python-mysql.connector

Hrabal: I just tried it, and it worked fine. didn’t test it post-install, but the installation went fine.

Krasnansky: It doesn’t have dependencies on ubuntu 12.04?

Gruca: If it did, i already had them

Ruffel: I forgot that travis Niedzwiedzki allows me to say mariadb: “10.0”. But, i stole your suggestion with python-mysql.connector – https://github.com/jeff1evesque/machine-learning/blob/ada8763fb71923a8200a845e660525c4ae94bfff/.travis.yml#L19