How do i transfer all these.

Micthell: Http://

Sokolowski: I can try it as a decimal real quick

Castongvay: Segel:

Wlosinski: Maybe the user is “recursolibre”?

Feichter: Before i issued “use mailserver;”

Segel: Asterismo: you should be able to do whatever you want

Lestor: Kolbe: Finagle is twitter’s core library for Scala/Java apps

Thruston: Maybe i do not have the correct driver for php?

Pomiecko: Yea, I’m going to just blame finagle for doing something funky at this point. : : :

Acampora: I guess I’ll have to tcpdump the protocol stream

Segel: SuperQ: should be really really easy to test that.

Segel: SuperQ: using a non prod instance of mysql, a sandbox is easily deployed

Oltmanns: Yea, the testing isn’t the problem, I get exactly the same results, correct recording, when I do it by hand

Segel: Or a new vm if that is just as easy

Shoun: The issue is the live running code is doing something strange

Segel: SuperQ: build a sand box and trun on the general log

Dammann: SuperQ: you don’t need to tcpdump anything . general query log would surely be easier than that

Kortright: I tried doing the super-verbose slow query log trick, not enough info

Dammann: Maybe it’s a problem with server-side prepared statements? you could do a manual test of that

Wurgler: Yes, the app does use prepared statments

Segel: I chuckled for some reason at this page and the comments

Freidhof: AllgoodAtTaoti: why aren’t you using a BIGINT instead of an INT?

Mcneff: Segel: i could access the database as user root and its p***word

Denna: But i created the database and granted privileges to user mailuser with another p***word

Daskam: Ahh, crap, are prepared statements just not handled by 5.6 events_statements_summary_by_digest?

Henington: I think it is insecure to have this database under root

Skradski: Snoyes: that’s a good question ; I didn’t write this. However I think my issue is actually code related. I just got an out of range pdo exception for 2319661853.289

Lantrip: Which is 100% a valid number I just updated the row myself

Phetphongsy: Switching it did fix the strange rounding

Hoke: So decimal/bigint are the way to go but now I’m thinking the issue is code and not datatype

Schwiesow: How do i see every daatabase and its owners?

Hornstrom: Asterismo: See

Mellgren: Looks like the values are a float in our output so I’ll squarely blame php on this one =P

Mcilrath: Asterismo: databases don’t have owners in MySQL.

Daft: I think i *****ed up because i had a wordpress server running with mysql database and now i cannot access wordpress admin, it complains about the database

Semone: Yesterday i restored root p***word in debian using “mysql -u debian-sys-maint -p”

Visor: And restored root p***word, now i cannot access wordpress

Varieur: Abacuspowers: why is wordpress using the root user?

Varieur: Asterismo: why is wordpress using the root user?

Loftis: Varieur: i dunno, wordpress-on-debian-7">

Varieur: Asterismo: don’t use the root account to run wordpress. Issue a grant for the admin.

Armold: Varieur: i restored mysql root p***word because it was given me an error when issuing “mysql -u root -p” and now accepting the p***word

Schuppert: Then i restored p***word using “mysql -u debian-sys-maint -p”

Erschen: And everything went to root

Bewley: How do i transfer all these databases to some other user?